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using dibutyl carbitol as an extractant

Anyone here work with this?

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Can anyone point me into

the right direction as to where I can find hard drives and processors that are going to be thrown out anyway? I have no clue where i can find them (besides ebay.) I would much appreciate it.

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Check out a computer repair shop in your local area.

Or a community college.


In Louisiana the State throws an auction about every two weeks to a month. There are palettes of computers stacked 6 feet high and nice palettes of laptops and all sorts of boxes full of gear and stuff.

I spent $400 on a palette and cannibalized all the computers and ended up with enough computers to give each one of my students in my deaf outreach a free computer. I have to give a lot of credit to local business in my community as they assisted with some contributions as well, but the auctions can really pay off.

ESPECIALLY if there is bad weather, then far fewer people come to them, or if there is a real bad cold spell.

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Yeah, excellent stuff.

Order it from any online chemical supply. You can just wash it with H2O + (~a little) HCl (muriatic acid; you could also use a lesser amount of Aqua Regia, in the unlikely event that you're following some ancient mediaeval-textbook process, or something) after you're finished, and then it's good-to-go for re-use.

We'll get right on

it. Sounds like a winner.