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The latest MSM subliminal phrasing: So...RP...Are you *ready* to support Mitt?

So many "reporters." Yet all coincidentally using the exact same subliminal phrasing. Using the term "ready" is propaganda disguised in question form to convey three lies - The nomination process is over, Mitt is the Nominee, RP will eventually support Mitt. Pricks.

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The real question: Is Willard ready to

"preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." ?

Don't all answer at once.

They go deeper..

The "ready" in the question is intended to "force" a NO as the reply and by getting Dr. Paul to say, "NO I am not ready.." is a win in the medias eyes because they believe most people won't vote for someone who is not "ready".


I try to change people every day. Do You?


They're changing it from a question of IF to WHEN. While Paul's answers to these misguided questions is clearly "I will not endorse him."

That's exactly what they're doing

I think he should respond "I am not endorsing Romney"

This removes the "readiness" question from the equation. Also using
"will not" implies under no circumstance. Ron has often said if Romney comes around sincerely he would consider an endorsement, but that that scenario is highly unlikely.