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Just a Dream?

Main stream media only mentions Ron Paul to remind everyone that there is no cause to mention Ron Paul...
Lawsuit fails just hours before convention starts...
A 5th state is still officially undecided...
Convention begins and in a whirl of chaos a nomination for Ron Paul from the floor makes it through.
A speech is brought that clearly states the reality of America.
Men cry and heads are hung in shame as the ultimatum looms.
The first vote brings 1,143 votes for Romney.
7 ballots later the world hears the shouts of American Patriots!
The constituition glows, American pride is revived...
A true statesman goes on to a landslide win in November!
...let the Nation's healing begin.

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Not a dream. More like a

Not a dream.

More like a pathetic delusion.

Even the most clueless child doesn't think that a man who gets less than ELEVEN PERCENT of his own party would win in a landslide )or at all) in a general election.

You're wrong in so many ways that

Im not going to waste tie telling you

Just like us all getting together and hanging you trolls.

Now that is a dream I can get into.

My trolldar is going off

You created an account roughly 10 minutes before this post and start telling us that we're delusional? Just how much is Mitt paying you?


Call me a clueless child...cause I have this dream every night.

And while you're at it...call all the militia of the Revolutionary War clueless children too...cause ummm....



Its coming!
Love this video!No I did not make it but awesome!This one is for you all!

President Ron Paul!


plus +1 for the music

good choice of remnant music!

doesnt 1143 votes for romney

doesnt 1143 votes for romney means he wins? he only needs 1140

1144 ...or half plus one

this is what I read online so surely it;s true!



De criminalize Liberty!

summer time in Florida is hurricane season

I bet the next hurricane will be named Paul.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


I get goose pimples just thinking about it. What a day!


I agree except Romney won't get that many votes

Maybe 800 but we will elect President Ron Paul.

Ron Paul would laugh in your

Ron Paul would laugh in your face and call you a fucking idiot due to your delusions.

Tell me something...when Romney gets over 1144, will you have the integrity to admit you are wrong?

Nahhh...I didn't thnik so. Little bitches have no integrity. IT will be the one time in your life that you are GLAD that no one has ever cared what you have ever had to say about anything.

Go back to mitt romney website you just came to cause trouble

your here a few hours and you have not made one constructive comment.
You are the lowest form of troll.

Why Romney?

What policies does Mitt Romney have that you like? For what reasons do you support him? ("He's not Obama" and "He's a businessman" are not answers. I am looking for specific reasons for your support.)


I see you've opened another account. You forgot to add "go kill yourself now"

It's alright though...cause I know you meant to paste it there too.

It's all good though. I know my worth and I know how far your hatred will get you in life..so I'm happy to be "delusional" if what you are is the alternative.

Peace and Luv...

egapele's picture

Yes, but then we'll suddenly hear that Justin Bieber

has another love child or some such other more "relevant" story will be breaking news that day. Sad, but true.

Yeah, celebrity "breaking news"...

...seems to be very well timed, eh!?


; )


A lot can happen between now and Tampa :)

Never give up hope and....

don't forget to keep those prayers headed upward!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~