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WaPo: What Ron Paul Wants

"Texas Rep. Ron Paul raised $1.8 million in May — even though he announced half way through the month he would no longer compete in primaries. He ended the month with nearly $3.3 million in the bank.

Paul’s continued fundraising ability is s yet more proof that he was never running a traditional campaign but rather overseeing a cause that operated largely independent of election results. And it also suggests that Paul and his supporters could throw a wrench into former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s plans at the Republican National Convention — whether or not the libertarian-leaning lawmaker is offered a formal speaking slot.

In recent interviews with CNN and MSNBC, Paul intimated that he is not expecting a speaking slot at the convention, but that he does want a debate.

“I’m not sure I will have a public presence, but we will have a presence, the organization,” he told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday morning. “All I want to do, if I don’t get a speech on the floor in the convention, all I want to do is have a meeting and say, ‘Look, we have numbers, we have people, we have enthusiasm, we believe in something. Why don’t you pay a little attention?’” Paul said. “And actually I think they are.”


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Jefferson's picture


That is the essential question.

"What does HE want?"

I personally "want" to see 30,000 shirts that say:

"Just say NO to Romney" (with the "o's" being replaced with the ohmamma symbol)

Many of these delegates (I assume) are feeling like they are having to "settle" for Romnney. I want to convey to them that they DON'T have to settle, and that they have someone they can trust in RP.