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Shocker! Ron Paul and Rule 40 - The NEW Romney Nightmare...

From Doug Wead's Blog
June 21, 2012

At least one of the cats is out of the bag. The story is now public that an obscure, overlooked GOP rule, passed in January, 2008, has opened the way for Ron Paul delegates to place his name in nomination for vice president at the RNC in Tampa. And maybe for president? Experts say no. More on that.

Rule 40 came at a time when there was concern that the GOP presidential field would be split between candidates Huckabee, McCain, Romney, Thompson, Giuliani and Paul, with no one candidate winning a majority in five states. It was accepted that this possibility was remote, due to the sequential power of successive caucus and primary victories which would winnow the field and give one or two candidates momentum but the deadlock was at least a mathematical possibility.

The rule change declared that only a plurality within a delegation, not a majority, was needed in five states to place a name in nomination. It means that a candidate can be nominated for president or vice president if he or she has the most delegates in at least five states. It is a threshold that Ron Paul has very possibly passed. And it may explain why the Romney forces have been apoplectic, even self defeating, in their crushing of the duly elected Ron Paul delegates at the various remaining...

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You both need to figure out somebody scarier

to the PTB than Gary Johnson for VP. Don't need another President Kennedy situation. :-)

However, if Ron Paul would be vice-President, I think I could get behind the GOP Victory teams. After all, the VP is President of the Senate and would have the ear of the President at least.

That is IF Ron Paul isn't the President. I'm still holding my breath. I know it can happen if there is enough good will left in America.

I agree and still hope.

But if he is not, that would be the best for Liberty movement, would give it a lot of press and front page. Also it would help the process of reforming the party, as there would be GOPers who would sort of rally around Ron Paul over time and form a strong power group in the Party. Perhaps some Dems would be friendly allies, especially on the End Wars issue.

Ron Paul ... forever.

Thank you Doug for finally

Thank you Doug for finally mentioning Rule 40!

Edit: Even though I want Paul to win the GOP nomination, I'd LOL so hard if the delegates named Paul as Romney's veep.

"At least one of the cats is out of the bag"

Good to hear there is still more cats in the bag.

The more cats, the merrier to catch 'em pesky...

Establishment dirty rodents.


I wholeheartedly agree...

There's nothing better than cats in bags. You can't really swing a box of cats around over your head and menace people properly. Trust me, I've tried!

"There is nothing quite so

"There is nothing quite so terrifying as a well-balanced pair of throwing cats."

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

A sleeping cat in the bag

Does NOT have the DOG's chasing it!

Would have been better to STFU and at the convention opened the bag and let the ROARING LION out.

We keep shooting ourselves in the FOOT PEOPLE!

Evidently there are already enough delegates

for this rule to apply. Good to put the information out now, so that each delegate can verify this rule. If you leave it until the last minute there would be too much doubt to expect honorable people to act upon it.

Not to mention we need to

Not to mention we need to give potential delegates reason to show and fight on...