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Judge Napolitano Points Out Obama Complicity in F & F 'Executive Privilege' Declaration

Judge Napolitano: Executive Privilege Only Applies If Obama Involved


I saw this video at Restore The Republic, and came to post it here. After doing a search for similar threads, I saw in only in a comment, and stated that it really needs it's own post.

I think this video is important enough I thought it would already be on the front page, but being buried means the info isn't out there wide enough - ergo this thread.

Ed in Phoenix

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Thank you for sharing

this post. I am always interested in what the Judge has to say about any subject. I think Holder should go to jail and Obama should be impeached. Maybe people would be more careful in selecting their politicians if they knew there might be some justice in our country.

IANAL, but...

Obama cannot even legally assert executive privilege because he testified under oath that he never saw the documents in question. Google "estoppel." If it goes to court, I think the judge will tell Mr. Holder that Obama's claim is a non-starter.

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