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Tom Mullen: Morning Joe Wrong on Ron Paul and Social Security

TAMPA, June 21 2012 — Ron Paul appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe yesterday, giving one of his most succinct criticisms of the Republican Party to date. Host Joe Scarborough had recently endorsed Paul and explained why he had voted for him in his Republican presidential primary.

For most of the segment, the hosts concentrated on Paul’s ideas, policy positions and vision for the future of the party. However, near the end of the segment, Sam Stein decided to ambush Paul on Social Security. After Paul explained his position on letting young people opt out of the program, Stein asked Paul if he collected Social Security payments himself. When Paul replied in the affirmative, Stein implied that Paul was being hypocritical by collecting Social Security payments while asking young people to opt out.

Non sequitur.

Ron Paul’s plan to phase out Social Security does not ask people who have paid into the program to forego the benefits. Those he wants to give the opportunity to opt out would also not be taxed to support Social Security. Perhaps somewhat surprised by the line of inquiry, Paul did not give the best answer he’s ever given to this question. However, he explained it in detail in my own interview with him last year.

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It was a legit question, yes, but

he directed it in a way that was not proper by attempting to make Dr. Paul look like a fool and hypocrite, which he most certainly is not! He also ignored Ron's statements about how he still pays more into then he receives.

unlike most of you, i thought

unlike most of you, i thought this was actually a legit question, ron had the chance to reply and clarify the situation, he did, but he could have done it a bit better in my opinion, and maybe talk about the congressional pension and the non-use of the secret services.In any case, this is not or shouldn't be a big deal at all.

The dumbed down media

Are so lame. They actually think they know something.

Mullen beat me to it!

But he's right on!

I just posted my own blog on this as well


*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

These days,

it's a very low hurdle to be let on to a TV network under the guise of "journalist".
Sam Stein's presence there makes this quite clear.

Apparently, they'll let any moron work at MSNBC.