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FCC Indecency Policy (Partially) Overturned: "Accidental" Cursing Coming to an Award Show Near You?

Following on a previous federal appeals court ruling, the Supreme Court overturned fines and sanctions against broadcasters in relations to curse words and nudity during an awards show and an episode of NYPD Blue.

The Supreme Court didn't establish a broad constitutional precedent, but rather only said that the broadcasters couldn't have known in advance that the brief obscenities and nudity would have resulted in fines.


Does this mean we'll be seeing more "accidental" wardrobe failures coming up?

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by the government is wrong no matter what, Parents should be responsible for what their kids watch period.

I'll probably never be on an award show but...

I do call into radio shows quite often and I might accidentally drop an F-Bomb. "So radio host, what's your opinion on this new F$%#ing FCC ruling?"


Well I see DP still censors

Well I see DP still censors


But not really. You can highlight the text and clearly see the word. It's not been deleted; it's been made less accessible.

All this only tells me...

All this only tells me that TV ratings are so terrible that they're actually gonna show more titties (necessary) and tasteless cursing (unnecessary) out of desperation.

I say bring on the titties. And the First Amendment. That's cool too.

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So show me some nudity!

I wanna see titties!!!!

Freedom is my Worship Word!

CSPAN has boobs on display all day long


Shame on you!

Comparing our legislature with such a nice thing as boobs!
Even maggots would be offended if you compared our legislature to them!

Well played, sir.

Well played, sir.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


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What Constitutional precedent could there be

for the FCC? Why should the Feds control broadcasting at all?

Control Broadcasting

I think their rationale is that the airwaves (a la TV and radio broadcasting) are "public" property, and should meet "community standards," or something like that.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

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Freedom of Speech is the Constitutional

provision I'd see as most relevant. Not federal control of speech, expression, etc.

I agree with part of the

I agree with part of the ruling. Media shows shouldn't be heavily punished for actions performed during a live show (an artist can promise not to do/ say something, then do it anyway). In that case, the TV company should have internal policies in place: have the performers sign a wavier that if they do such thing, the fines pushed on them from the FCC will be paid by the one who performed the infraction: also that person should be banned by the company for a duration of time from performing live on their networks.

However, during a produced TV show, they had full knowledge what was being put in the show. They should be penalized heavily for that.

Why? Words are arbitrary and

Why? Words are arbitrary and really mean nothing.

Everyone has the same body under their clothes, why is it hidden? Why can't it be up to the individual station to chose their own standards?

The kids networks will be clean to keep their business.

The adult networks will have tits and cuss, because it is their right to do so.

It's the parents job and the individuals choice to chose what they can and can't watch.

God I wish there were more

God I wish there were more people who thought like you.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.



Meaning conveyed by words is not arbitrary. Obscenities are obscene in the meaning which they convey. They are meant to be offensive, shocking, unsettling, etc. It is a shame in my opinion that some people think it passes as artful entertainment. It's just rude to use that kind of language in front of people you don't know, its sort of similar to smoking in a way. What if TV's emitted second hand smoke from them every time someone smoked on TV? A lot of people would dread flipping through channels.

Not everyone has the same body, but the real issue with nudity in public is decency. There are different religious takes on why people shouldn't go running around naked like animals, whether its temptation, shamefulness, or whatever. Some people just don't want to have their mind raped with nakedness all the time, and would prefer people to act civilized in public. If people want to join a nudist colony, that is a bit different because it's not appearing in your home as you flip channels. The issue is not so simple as just saying anything goes and leave it up to the parents to make choices.. There is a push to force a certain culture of gratuitousness, nudity and cussing upon those who don't want it, and upon their children. for example.. There was some kind of video store in utah which censored all of the nudity/cussing/etc. out of popular movies and resold them as family friendly versions, (not pirating the videos mind you, they purchased legal copies, edited them, then resold them censored.), but they were sued and put out of business for modifying the films. Whatever the legal rationale was, it seemed obvious that Hollywood just didn't want people to enjoy a movie without being force fed certain content. Choices like that are taken away all the time, and more and more questionable stuff is put into 'childrens' media. A lot of adult humor is included in what are marketed as kids films, especially in the computer generated ones. If people don't take a stand to influence culture for the better, those with the money in culture will just influence them for the worse. In 1984, the family unit was attacked as well. But these sorts of things should probably be dealt with at the state level rather than federal.

yea, I can just see

Someone getting stabbed in the back and saying "Geee...that hurt!" There are real life situations where a curse word is used to express surprise, anger, or pain. Putting some false front on it is stupid!
And I won't derail the thread by going back to the Garden of Eden, and all that happened after. It just seems to me to be rather 'holier than thou' to say that one God's greatest works is evil!

I didn't realize....

...people were forced to watch TV. If you have a TV, YOU brought it into the house.

You talk about a "push to force", yet you want to force your own views and opinions. Why is yours more superior?


Right, you're not trying to force anything on anyone, you just want naked genitals to have the potential to be fully visible in all public places, so that anyone who who would like to live apart from constantly seeing stuff which for thousands of years has been (and still is) religiously and predominately culturally rejected as appropriate, will have to go live in a cave, and never come outside. After all , nobody is forcing them to leave their cave. The world has to bow because it's only force if it disagrees with you.

I don't see how force can not exist.. The question is whether or not the force is good.

Fantastic! I hate the FCC :-)

Fantastic! I hate the FCC :-)

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Low ratings

MSM couldn't be more happy with this ruling. Yup, we'll probably see more "accidental" swearing and nudity(single frame flashes) done completely on purpose to boost ratings. MSM will just giggle and say Oops, but look at the ratings, just shot up 25%, lets do it again hehe.

I rarely turn mine on anyways, except to catch up on local news once in a great while.

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nypd blue

nypd blue, wasnt that like 20 years ago?

20 years ago

Yeah, they're a bit quicker than most government bureaucracies. lol