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Just overheard a young girl outside a restaurant blasting Obama about Exec Order re: Holder

I'm 48 and I now deliver beach magazines to keep a roof over my head. My bachelors degree seems to hold zero value anymore..but I digress.

I was taking the new issue into a local pub and a 20ish looking girl was sitting at a table going into great detail about Obama signing the Exec Order to keep the Fast and Furious documents sealed (I think forever) due to national security. It appeared that she was educating her dad.

When I came back out and passed by her table, I said, "it sure is great to know that some people your age are paying attention to what the hell is going on in this country. People are waking up!" She said "Oh yeah, we're waking up alright! Our country is being run by a bunch of communist criminals." I just smiled and and went on my merry way.

Thank goodness for the youth of today. My generation lost focus but we are still here and many of us are doing our best to help the young folks out.


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Good for her :D

I'm one of the young generation and i've been trying to tell my parents too but they just. Wont. Listen!! Wouldnt be surprised if that girl got the same reaction from her dad. Nice to have free thinkers sprouting in my generation:)

Many Don't Follow through

When Dr Paul came to my area to speak, the auditorium was packed to standing room only. The majority of the people were youth. When it came time to actually vote, the majority who actually showed at the polls were little old ladies with blue hair as well as old men. The youth were noticeably absent throughout the entire evening that the polls were open, and were it not for the middle aged patriots who showed up, Paul wouldn't have even taken a close second place.

Mitt Romney is a communist criminal too.

This is the guy Obama gets all his good ideas from.

Romneycare, never forget.



The twenty somethings of today including 19 and 20 year olds are going to be a great generation. These kids are smart, independent thinkers. I fight the good fight for them.

Keepin' it real.

I can't tell if this girl has

I can't tell if this girl has really "woken up." She could just be some FOX news- watching Repub, who likes to bash on anything Obama does. ya know what I mean?

Anyone but Obama

is what I hear a lot of these days from just such types who watch FoxNews and listen to talk radio. In a bit of an argument on the topic of so-called conservative media, a friend just today sent an e-mail saying that "even Savage admits Fox served a great purpose for the conservative revolution." What Fox-related conservative revolution?

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir


Just received another e-mail from the same friend: "Wish you were listening to savage rite now. He's losing his mind about everything you've said about romney and the republicans. And mentioned how they've tried to destroy RP."

Maybe now hearing it from someone besides me, my friend won't write me off as if some kind of conspiracy nut!

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Obama is identified and isolated.

He has limited ability to maneuver.

Rombot will be a whole 'nuther problem.

Most of my friends

don't watch television, we grew up during the internet age when yahoo first went up in 1997. If anything though, some are more brainwashed by facebook, twitter, etc. Not really Faux News. The older generation is a little harder to convince because they get indoctrinating by neo-cons. I remember when I was 19, we were outside the local FED passing out informative pamphlets on the federal reserve, (inflation, private banking, fiat money, etc) a woman in her 40's told me I was delusional. I was thinking to myself huh? Is the federal reserve a made up entitiy in my mind? Who is the real delusional person here? But anyway we must keep up the good fight.

Most of the "The Kids" hate Fox News.

They don't even have TVs.

Excellent!!...I'm glad you approached her :)

The youth need our encouragement to keep fighting the good fight!

The young folks are the future

They are also the reason to fight.

We'll soon be gone and won't have to live with all of the crap that is coming, but they will.