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A "Thank You" Gift for Dr. Paul

Hi everyone. I was thinking that to honor and thank Ron Paul, who is probably finishing up his final political campaign, we could all chip in and buy him a nice, meaningful present to give to him at PaulFest. I don't think anyone will argue with the idea of getting a gift for the good doctor, so let's just jump right into brainstorming.

The potential gift that gave me this idea might be a little too out of reach, at such a high price and such short notice. CNBC is always playing where I work, and they're talking about how tomorrow, in NYC, Christie's auctions is auctioning off George Washington's personal annotated copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
To me, this seemed like the ideal thing to get for Dr. Paul, but I'm somewhat doubtful that we'd be able to organize such a big sum of money to be collected and spent so quickly. It's supposed to go for $3 million. If you think we can, let's figure out a way to run with it!

In the (somewhat likely) event that we can't, let's come up with something else that we can do for him that would be as meaningful. He's done so much for us - Dr. Paul deserves our sincerest thank you.

Looking forward to checking this when I get home.

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whatever it is, I want to be a part of it. A bike is cool.

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I don't think

he can attend the "Paulfest" because it is being sponsored by a PAC.

(That's my assumption anyway)

I can however contact his younger brother and ask if there is a cool bicycle that he would like, that we could all chip in on.

IDK if he is more the mountain bike or 10 speed type of guy. I also have some connections to Lance Armstrong here in Austin, and I bet he would have a guy that could build RP a bike that would be top notch.

I do like the idea of some sort of symbolic retirement gift, providing there is not some stupid FEC regulation that prohibits it.

I like the bike

idea the most. It would be awesome if Lance Armstrong presented it :) I like fonta's idea of using graphics for Air Force One, too (silver license plate? inspired)...

We could give it to him at the Paul Rally that HE is sponsoring.

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I wouldn't

get my hopes hope about Armstrong "presenting" anything.

He's got his own brand of politics and I don't think it meshes with ours. He's supported some real creeps in the past. I was talking about merely using his technical expertise, rather than his fame.

I have a friend that was his personal assistant for many years, and traveled the world with him.

You ought to see the guy's guest house. It's bigger than my regular house. Just his guesthouse garage is FILLED with top of the line bicycles that were custom made for him. It's a pretty amazing collection.

Well, people change...

If that wasn't true, that people could wake up and suddenly see the corruption going on and want to do something about it... we wouldn't get very far.

So who knows if LA might finally recognize some realities, or not.

Maybe someone knows how to research the potential cost, get it posted, create a paypal account for collections, and then execute the order and delivery. It's a lot to do, and we need someone who is scrupulously honest. Do we have that here?


I like this idea!

"When I say liberty I do not simply mean what is referred to as 'free enterprise.' I mean liberty of the individual to think his own thoughts and live his own life as he desires to think and to live..." - Robert A. Taft


If Dr. Paul plans to attend PaulFest, I would love to see him presented with a brilliant gift, and I will certainly chip in.

But if he does not, aren't you being a little coercive in publicly pushing this with his followers?

("See, Dr. Paul, you have to come because we are giving you a gift.")

personally i think

a man like Ron Paul should be on something like Mt Rushmore, if only he got a chance, i know he would accomplish great things, so i think the greatest gift you can give him is the 2012 presidency.

I Love Your Idea of a Gift from Us to Present at Paul Fest and

what an awesome and perfect gift to give Dr. Paul. Then the thought came to me that Dr Paul would rather see it donated to a museum. However, if we could raise the money, we could still give it to him and then if he decided to give it to a museum then he could. Or better yet, he could keep it until the Ron Paul Presidential Library is built!


oh man!!!!!

That would be awesome!! But I agree kinda out of reach... but we def need to do something for him.

do we have any gunsmiths here?

always thought it'd be cool to have a custom AR15 upper or a M1911 or a Glock 17/22, 19/23, 20/21 slide with either an engraved (much more expensive) or digitally laser-etched (cheaper) or hydrographic (much cheaper) image of Dr. Paul and/or R3VOLution logo with some apt quote by him, or our Founders, or Austrian economists.

Then auction off the piece for one of our r3VOL PAC's or Doc's own (non-JB or TO controlled) PAC's.

Or, as proffered here, present it to the Doctor, as a gift.

Will there be any FEC shenanigans with this though, if we were to go through with this??

The AR15 upper, and Glock and 1911 slides do not require any ATF or any other govt paperwork, other than sales tax from wherever the custom gunshop is located.

any takers?

Anyone on good terms with Bill Wilson or guys at Night Hawk Customs? .o)

P.S. Or, we can possibly present him with a custom Louisville Slugger!!!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Forget the FEC

If there's an FEC regulation preventing a bunch of ardent supporters from materially thanking a man who has fought for and represented their views - screw it.
It's a great opportunity for some civil disobedience.

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A pair of of boxing gloves

with the "rEVOLution" logo and/or the DP logo printed on them. :-)

Perfect Ron Paul Gift From Supporters

...I've always thought it would be so cool if a special gift was rolled out to Ron Paul (at the rally?).

The best mountain bike money can buy as he has climbed so many mountains for us. Perhaps it could have a sterling silver plate that said something like *Airforce 1* given he was a flight surgeon in the airforce and Airforce 1 carries the President.

Also, of course: "Dr. Ronald Earnest Paul, Always Our President"


Dr. Paul does not accept gifts.

It's a great idea, lots of people have tried to give Dr. Paul gifts, and many have thought long hours about this subject.

The simple fact of the matter is he does not accept gifts.

I did drop some silver bullion into his hand though, some 1935 mercury dimes just before I had my picture taken with him and he took those ... as a campaign contribution, but, he will not accept gifts, ever.

He does not accept "gifts" because he might be accused of accepting influence, he's been that way for the last 20 years I've kept up with him and supported him.

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I like this idea and am willing to support it.

We could present it to him at his rally on the 26th. That would be awesome.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Gotta get it popular

If you want to do this, we need to spread it.
Get it up to the top active topics, hopefully a mod will pin it to the front page. I think a lot of DP'ers will get behind this, but we're having a pretty active day on here and people are discussing a lot of stuff, so this is bound to get buried.

Great idea, fonta!

… for climbing so many mountains for us—

Excellent idea!

Where do I chipin?!? If i knew how to set up a chip in I would...does anyone know how best to start raising some funds for this?

I think the idea of a gift is FABULOUS

I don't think we can go for the $3 mil, especially since many are saving for Tampa. BUT..... maybe we can come up with something else

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Top of the Line

...bike I saw was $8,000. More than his car costs and something he would never buy but would certainly cherish ... and use alot.

LOL...made the same suggestion in '08 but nobody shared my vision.


Plus That License Plate

...or honorary name plate would be *at least* one ounce of silver. And, now that's something he would appreciate and the sentiment in it as well....

Maybe we could get something similar, but less expensive, for Carol with a "First Lady in Our Hearts" silver honorarium on her bike. Take it she isn't in to biking with him...for fun we could have training wheels on it for fun! And, make sure it is in her favorite color.

After all, she stood by him and supported him as he climbed all those mountains. And, I am remembering. She said, "he never in all these years lied to me." Oh,...so wow. I believe her and that says volumes
about him...as well as the life partner he chose. I love these people. I think he would LOVE his and her bikes and you are never too old to start biking Carol. Imagine the picture of the two of them!

Let's give them ....a memory that they will see every day and that includes Carol Paul, the love of his life.


Bump for a RP Bike

....and since he know how to ride rough terrain, stay out in front of the pack, navigate land mines, climb every mountain.

Besides that...he could use in wherever he is.


And, If His and Hers

...it would be a gift that says...You Will Always be Our Choice...Our President...And, Carol, we have learned so much from you as well. You will always be our first lady.


I love it

I love the idea of a bike, actually.

I posted the GW Constitution thing as a "if only" sort of idea, I didn't really expect that it'll be possible to organize a buy that big in less than 24 hours... maybe it would've been doable if we'd learned about this a few weeks ago.

Anyone have any other ideas?

I love it too

And will someone please coordinate this and get it done?
Let us know when/where to chip in. We've got this.