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Jesse Ventura This Morning Talking Ron Paul and Gary Johnson

I've always liked Jesse Ventura and respected his point of view and energy. I don't know that I'm ready to subscribe to his point of view on Gary Johnson but he has done a lot for this movement and stood up for what we are trying to accomplish.

Good interview on RSB's show this morning. I think you can catch the whole thing on his website


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I've Always liked Jesse

Not sure I'm ready to vote Johnson though. Still in the fight with Ron Paul

there is no fight for paul. it is long over.

this is simply an excuse so that you don't have to support any real liberty candidate, especially that is 3rd party and not as corrupt/co-opted as a republican and gop platform.


ron was so shocked by rand's endorsement that he stared into

empty space for a long time.. according to a long time family friend of ron and his congressional staffer.. http://www.dailypaul.com/241139/ron-sat-and-stared-for-an-ho...

pls, we don't need anymore traitors just looking at this movement as a cheap bargaining tool for unlimited political chips.. fuck ventura and fuck johnson

the story is not true, ron is not surprized at all by rand's

endorsement. it was a long time coming, and they have the same establishment handlers that are corrupt. rand has been in love with romney for a long time and has been working hard for him while pretending to be campaigning for his father.

ron is ok with rand's endorsement. if he felt differently, he would have said so by now.


And I heard he was missing...hmmmm...

note sarcasm