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Ugh ... here come the smear articles again ...

Well, I guess Ron Paul must be gaining momentum again, because ALL throughout the campaign season, it NEVER failed that when Ron Paul started gaining momentum, the hit pieces started coming.

Oh well, I guess I'm going to try to stay positive and remember that the hit pieces must mean he's gaining momentum.

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Screw the MSM

We are the new american media. For every smear they throw out we'll write 50 articles ripping them apart and make them all go viral. Here's my crack at it on Social Security


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You gotta be pretty flippin ignorant to call Dr. Paul a hypocrite for getting some of the money back that was SEIZED from him over all those years.

You gotta be pretty flippin unintelligent to not understand Paul's position.

Thanks to dumbed down society, unfortunately, we have a plethora of those demonstrating ignorance and unintelligence on a non-stop basis.


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It is rediculous

Unfortunately, I spend a few hours schooling some libs on HuffPo earlier today. I think I may have even made a few people stand up and take notice and realize that there is something else besides the status quo. But who knows. Maybe that is their goal, to waste our time debating them on internet forums. Oh, well, every little bit helps.

Funny. These hit pieces don't do one bit of damge to

a person who won't be the nominee. So why bother? They don't get his avid supporters to change their mind about him. Whose minds do they want to change? The people voting in November? Sounds like lots of people are scared of that crazy Ron Paul guy.

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Yeah, first they called him crazy

now they're calling him a hypocrite. Lots of name-calling that does nothing but tick off the wrong people. One thing for sure, the man is not stupid, unlike the people who are paid to mindlessly move their lips and wag their tongues.