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An Environment Where the Constitution Can Again Live and Thrive

I posted this as a comment to another post and thought it might be meaningful enough to post it myself. Many seem to be arguing that the constitution needs the church and religion in order to function. I am of a different view. See if you might agree.
There is an EGO side to humanity and a SPIRITUAL side

The ego side is characterized by all that we associate with the so called “dark side”; dishonesty, greed, manipulation, envy, jealousy, competition, hatred, aggression, violence, anger, meanness, pettiness, selfishness, FEAR, lust for power and control over others, lust for possessions and monetary gain at any cost. These attributes create negative energy and make us feel darkness inside, resentful, anxious, and unhappy.

The spiritual side is characterized by all that we associate with “light”: love, kindness, compassion, honesty, sense of abundance, joy, empathy, cooperation, inner peace, courage, consistent high values, common sense, forgiveness of the shortcomings of others, integrity in all dealings. These attributes create positive energy and make us feel love, light, expanded, and happy.

We humans are a combination of all these things until we get control of the ego-mind and consistently choose our spiritual side. That is, we choose love over fear. The Masters like Jesus and Buddha will help and guide you if you ask. That is why “accepting Jesus” leads to becoming a spiritual person, such as Dr. Ron Paul. The Masters always help if you ask. So do Angels. But I digress.

The constitution can only function in an environment where the people of the day are functioning from their spiritual side. That has nothing to do with “church”. Some become spiritual by attending church, synagogue, mosque, or temple, or spending time in nature. Others become spiritual by other means. How one becomes truly spiritual is not important. It is the “being spiritual” that counts if this nation is again to live by the constitution.

The supporters of Ron Paul and the Liberty Movement "get it". They honor the spiritual nature they see in Ron Paul and have adopted his values as their own. They honor being honest, spiritual, courageous, awake. They are seeking to create an environment where the Constitution can again live and thrive in our midst. That is what the Liberty Movement is all about.