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Drone strikes: Obama moves to block release of files on kill program

"Court motion says administration can not admit whether drone program exists because of national security concerns"

This is such a fucking joke. Just like I have no clue who "The International Community" is that is always sited as the group backing all of our overseas aggression...I have no clue what "national security concerns" we all seem to have. The only goddamn national security concern I have is from my own fucking government.

The Obama administration has sought to block the release of documents related to its use of robot drones to strike suspected terrorists overseas, claiming that it can still not admit that the secretive programme of targeted killing exists.

"The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the New York Times have both submitted freedom of information requests to the department of justice, the CIA and the Pentagon seeking information about the programme. They have now gone to court to try and force the government to answer those requests and release details of its activities.

However, in a motion filed just before midnight ET on Wednesday, the government asked for the cases to be dismissed, saying that to release information would hurt national security, even while still insisting it cannot admit any such programme of targeted killing exists."