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Rand Paul alone stops harsher sanctions on Iran

29 March 2012 RT report

On Tuesday Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) summoned the US Constitution in an attempt to block even harsher sanction against Iran in fears of another war America could potentially be involved in.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was eager to hastily authorize the bill, but Paul’s objection required that any use of military force against Iran had to be approved by Congress and wanted Congress to confirm that the US wasn’t rushing into another endless conflict.

“Our founding fathers were quite concerned about giving the power to declare war to the Executive. They were quite concerned that the Executive could become like a King,” Paul added on Tuesday.

Although Reid wasn’t to please with Paul’s objection, Paul felt that “without a vote and without careful consideration of the ramifications of third or even a fourth war in this past decade” there is no legitimate need to send young soldiers into war.

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I just found here on comment section there is still disinformation going on bashing Rand about sanction against Iran. So joined now to post this article.
Many of Daily Paulers know Rand tried to block the sanctions? If so, forgive me for posting this.
I think Rand Paul is hardworking and an excellent senator who is heading for the right direction as Ron Paul's with a bit different strategy.

Feel free to correct my English, I am South Korean who is fascinated by the honesty and integrity of one man, Ron Paul!
I got to know what makes America great thanks to Ron Paul and his supporters here. Never discouraged!

Ron Paul 2012!
God Bless, patriots!

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Good for Rand! He did good

Good for Rand! He did good here anti-randers. I'm sure you can agree on that, just like I can agree that his endorsement of Romney was a bad idea.

there might have been some type of family fued there

so why don't we just let rand paul do his thing, and let's just find another statesman who mimics ron paul.. i wouldn't say takeover because i doubt anyone can, and no i'm not just saying this out of respect. that way, everybody is happy.

Yeah, there are just so many

Find me this person and I will gladly donate cash to their coffers. Until then, I am going to trust in the Pauls.

If you're truly interested in learning what is going on within the campaign and has been for a long time, I believe you will find this very informative:

Stay free, my friend.

Good for Rand!

Though I think he may be a little naive to think he can change the party from within -- I think it's just too corrupt -- I think he's a good man who's sincere on the issues.

Rand Paul is now a WEDGE to divide and conquer this movement..

...just received the latest from Chuck Baldwin - as a fundamentalist Christian, he ought to have enough discernement NOT to take the anti-Rand side of this whole empty-endorsement, and he ought to stay AWAY from being associated with the loudmouth Alex Jones(who bears NO Christian fruit, as pertains to our founders wisdom).

We all knew/anticipated "9/11 truthers" is what they would call us if Ron Paul gained enough steam; but we went for the DELEGATES, and we leave the truth/justice for 9/11 for another day - we just need STATEMEN in elected office right now; and Rand is still one of them.

Rand Paul is NEEDED in the US Senate; the endorsement did NOTHING to hurt our position which is to take back political control from the corrupt and their puppets, and throw off financial slavery/serfdom to private banks at the lawful demand/decree of government.

Chuck should not be linking to Alex Jones, nor should he express his PERSONAL disappointment in a way that straddles the fence, saying on the one hand Rand Paul has "motives" of higher office(he doesn't KNOW that) - and saying Rand is a principled Constitutionalist at the same time ...

Here's a snipit: "And on a personal note, I cannot express my disappointment in Rand Paul enough! With his father, Ron Paul, stepping down from Congress, we had all hoped that Rand would become the leading voice for constitutional government on Capitol Hill that his father has been for all of these years. In my opinion, Rand forfeited that leadership position when he endorsed Mitt Romney. Of course, we all know why Rand did it. It was the “politically correct” thing to do. Rand is, no doubt, posturing himself for a higher office. But the GOP establishment will never embrace Rand Paul, unless he were to totally recant his constitutionalist ideals."

Which is it, Chuck? He has Constitutionalist ideals, or, he is an establishment sell out?

All you guys making money/name for yourself while competing for the attention/audience of the "sheep" in this movement really piss me off...seriously...this is a REVOLUTION of ideas and a restoration of our founding principles - and for YOU to get involved in this and throw mud at Rand(as well as keep company with Alex Jones) when you are a claiming to be a God called Pastor whose PRIMARY concern is to win souls for Christ, is a major blow to your credibility!

Sorry guys, I just had to blow off like that; Rand Paul is being used as a WEDGE - and guys who get paid to TALK for a living(not push a broom or do physical labor like MOST hurting people in this country headed for the abyss) are deserved of our severe rebuke when they try to drive a wedge!

Rand Paul is in a difficult spot; I TRUST his endorsement is EMPTY and did not hurt us - and I TRUST he knows what votes are ceremonial/political and of NO SUBSTANCE as he must play politics in Washington D.C. - I will not fall for this ruse by our so-called friends/leaders in the "patriot movement" who want to help other United States Senators(BOTH Republican and Democrat) tear down Rand Paul and get him removed from the Senate - especially over something like this meaningless endorsment...leave it alone already...they want us fighting with each other.

Good Job Rand!

chrislam must be your religion,

same as pastor rick warren, who inaugurated obama per obama's request.

alex jones is a true, good christian. hence, i can understand your animosity from your end.


true judeo-christian you mean?

sponsored by jews, consulted by jewish lawyer?
alex jone said muslims control hollywood!
oh really?
He is a disinformer, infliltrator to divide and conquer!

i don't mean any judeo-christian, i only said 'christian'.

and it is you and rp supporters that are protecters/defenders of islam that disinform, lie, are in denial, can't take truth, and like to work with media and neocons in dividing and conquering america (and giving it into the hands of islam).

stupid question this is - 'why they hate us'. who the heck is 'us' and who is 'they' - and yet no rp supporter really wants to take on that question.

yes, jews do have significant control over hollywood. and so do muslims. it is that you want islam to control all of hollywood and not share with the jews and those of other faith. like hannity and others who don't want to admit the jewish have a lot of control, you don't want to admit that islam/muslims have significant control over you and this country as well.

essentially, you are a neocon as well and fighting battles for those that are not your countrymen.

it is hypocritical to talk against 'entangling alliances', adn at the same time get involved with entangling alliances with islam instead of your own country adn constitution. fight the battle of your people instead.


you are calling me a neocon for supporting Dr. Paul here?

Firstly, alex jones is Not a good christian cause he is telling false info for his own purpose.

Secondly, my infinite respect and admiration for Dr. Paul led me here and gave me courage to share a report about Rand Paul which i think might not be widely known to Daily Paulers.

Thirdly, you still want to call me a neocon, I'm quite sure you are brainwashed by MSM which denounce Dr. Paul's foreign policy as dangerous or as irrational as somebody who called Rand a traitor!

My Advice

I've been reading lib's latest comments after he called me a pro-msm conspiracy theorist, and I suggest ignoring him. He throws baseless claims against a person's beliefs and character, and I'm pretty sure he's either:

a) a troll
or, more likely
b) a true, Alex Jones "disciple" who will hear of nothing contradictory to his belief that the illuminati are running the world, and anyone who is skeptical of that must be with them.

you're with obamaney and estab, period

alex jones is telling only accurate info. and when you are anti-christian, alex j will drive you crazy because of his goodness and truth. he is not doing this for his own good, but solely for others like yourself to wakeup and stop bowing down and obeying your estab rulers.

with beliefs like yours, your 'respect for dr. paul' is less meaningful. apparently, you really still don't get it.

you are a romney-paul supporter. so sure you can like paul, but you know your priorities.

yes, you have sided with neocons and entirely against alex jones whom speaks of dr. paul's message without being censored by paul's establishment handlers.

yes, rand is indeed a traitor. there may be hope for him to return to his roots, but at this time he is very very far away. unfortuntely for you, you are farther away than even rand is. hence, i can see how rand and his endorsement of romney looks pretty good to you.


let me know when...

...Alex Jones has 25% of the INTEGRITY of a Noah Webster, and practices/understands the General Principles of Christianity!!!

That would manifest itself in stop making money off the corruption of government, or, personal immorality of elected officials(who have hired you to "hide" everything in plain sight - a.k.a. using you as a mouthpiece to openly announce what they are doing and what they have done, which is their moral code of conduct as your favorite pastoral guest Lindsay Graham told us), stop PROVOKING the immature to CONFRONT people like Rand Paul and YouTube it which makes us all look bad - or - encourage them to get in the face of cops dressed in riot gear and get themselves hurt; and THIRD, run for office yourself with all your intelligence, understanding, and PATRIOTISM where you can make a difference where decisions are made!

Alex Jones is not even a precinct delegate, he is NOTHING but a loudmouth and an embarrassment - now a Rand-basher, and Chuck Baldwin is showing himself to be more concerned with that route than his God-called pastoral/witnessing PRIORITY!

Bible-believing, HUMBLE, well-studied, practicing Christians KNOW when they are being duped by cunning men who come to us as wolves in sheep's clothing with their fair speeches and philosophy of MEN - we can DISCERN where they are leading the "flock"(meaning "the movement") - meaning, they are driving a WEDGE, and using EMOTION to do it(disgust for Rand via armchair quarterbacking an EMPTY endorsement)!

Chuck Baldwin is now a QUESTIONABLE character in my eyes - and Alex Jones is in free fall collapse ... the PATRIOT movement to restore integrity, honesty, statesmanship and character lives on; and it can be accomplished without the sideshow circus of a "media" that tears down public officials who are as GOOD/WISE as Rand Paul is/has been thus far!

Rand's endorsement is not empty, clearly.

he has been praising and helping romney for many months. it would be a lie to say it was empty. his heart and soul are in it. the tone demeanor and choice of words were very strong, from saying that romney is 'precisely' what this country needs, that he believes romney would be 'responsible' regarding foreign policy, and lying on behalf of romney when infact romney publicly came out in 07/08 against an audit of the fed, etc...

rand is very much in love with romney.

and clearly, you are in denial about this and many other things.

rand is not any leader other than for the tea partiers to an extent. he has never said he was your leader, only media has said that and hence you take on what media tells you.

rand is part of corrupt gop party and adamantly with tea party and ran on tea party platform. he doesn't have much to do with rp supporters, and his message is ok, if you want to tag along, then go ahead.


Rand's endorsement was on Hannity show for Hannity viewers

who are not Ron Paul supporters but still majority!
Rand will take care of them.
We are irate, tireless minority, Ron Paul supporters.
Rand has said his father is his hero.
They are just working on the different territory.

South Korean Freedom Lovers are GREAT !!!!

We need millions more to join the world wide r3VOLution!

Thanks for the great link on Rand Paul.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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I'm still mad at him

but I think he clearly understands that he needs to follow the will of the people. No More Wars!

This is from back in March

Just putting that out there

It is doing my heart some good to see Rand come around to his...

It's doing my heart some good to see Rand come around to his father's way of thinking. I also have not given up on Rand but I can not agree for one second of the way he endorsed Mitt Romney.

I don't like the way his receptionist treated me when I called his office nor do I think for one second that Rand Paul is a bad person but we have to let them know where the line is and I feel that others along with me let him know that the only way he will keep our support is to hold the line.

Great job Rand Paul and we want to thank you for doing your job that is expected of you as a US Senator in these here United States of America. May God give you the strength to fight this evil that has taken over our wonderful Country.


What he did to his dad is unforgivable.
Ron was in deep shock for over 30 mins staring into space, Penny Freeman said.
Rotten son steals his dad's show. No more mentioning of Rand the opportunist, okay?. Please. I beg of you. Rand can jump off the nearest cliff and take giggling happy Wead with him. How much they got paid is unknown.

Keepin' it real.

I have yet

to throw Rand out with the bath water. I rather be optomistic, however this doens't mean I am happy about his endorsement.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

Ditto here, but as I recall,

Ditto here, but as I recall, originally he happily voted with the throng FOR sanctions...so what gives with him?

Yea, that was upsetting,

Along with the yay vote he gave with the sanctions, he attatched a piece of wording restating Article 1 Section 8. Kinda makes me wonder, did he vote for the sanctions because he really believes them, or to get his wording through to hold it against the president if he uses Military Force (whether it is BO or the gop nominees who ever it may be and if they get elected in Novemeber.)

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James