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Why Romney Can't Win: It's Obama-Care, Stupid!

Why isn't anybody talking about this? Guys, any day now the Supreme Court will rule Obama-care/Romney-Care as unconstitutional. So not only will Obama look stupid, but Romney too... He can't win, he can't! Read this article y'all http://markamerica.com/2012/01/15/why-romney-cant-win-its-ob...

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Romney, Obama are Political Twins!

They both will keep Obamacare in place, for the control factor over the sheep. Obama-care is set to chip every American by 2014, that's total control over the population.

Let's not forget that Obama did every thing the banksters wanted, except the Canadian oil pipeline. He has been a very good puppet so I think the fix will be in for Obama to win it all. It's the voting machines stupid!

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

IT is actually a little scary

IT is actually a little scary how ignorant many of you are. For group that s all about Ron Paul and state's rights, you sure have no idea what that is all about.

Good idea or not, Romney's STATE health care plan was perfectly legal within the constitution.

Hence, only people that are as ignorant as you (and very few people are that ignorant) would think that there is a connection between the two.

What? It doesn't matter which

What? It doesn't matter which level it is, it's unconstitutional man! So if I'm governor and something is unconstitutional, it doesn't matter? as long as it passes on the state level? That makes no sense lol. In fact it's the exact opposite, if you're governor it's your job to educate your people on the constitution! For example let's say drugs are legal on the federal level, but a state doesn't like that! Now that state will be committing drug raids on its citizens homes, random stops on the streets, the works! You don't see anything wrong with this picture? Your 4th amendment is constantly being violated! Now, you say theres nothing wrong with that? Just because a state passes something doesn't mean it's constitutional! America is turning into a democracy, when it's suppose to be a Republic. You see it's so easy for the media to brain wash people then unconstitutional bills pass. That's because the media was bought and sold along time ago. We don't have a free press man or freedom of speech. Our founding fathers warned us about turning into a democracy, because it's very dangerous for the majority to rule! Are you a Ron Paul supporter?

juan maldonado

even if it is constitutional

even if it is constitutional its still pretty left wing

The media will black that part out...

People in Mass. know- unemployment went down because so many people moved out of the state under Romney/Obombney style dictatorship. Obvious plan that kills all the little people's businesses and livelihood. Ron Paul! 2012

Umm. Great.

Umm. Great.

juan maldonado

Do you guys think the media

Do you guys think the media will attack Romney if the bill is thrown out? I hope so... Tampa is just around the corner and I want to win! Romney is a wolf in sheep clothing. How can no one see that?

juan maldonado


Bachmann issued a warning and plea that we cannot have Bathhouse Barry or the obamaDEATHcare bill will be in full force and can't be reversed.

Keepin' it real.

She did? When was this?

She did? When was this? That's great if she did. I'm just mad that Fox isn't pointing out anything about Romney! It makes me so mad man!

juan maldonado


Its about time people start up voting this!Spread the message!

I'm surprised the republicans

I'm surprised the republicans aren't talking about this anymore! Today speaker Boehner told the GOP not to gloat if Obama-Care is thrown out! Do you know why? I think because he doesn't want the democrats to start pointing out that Romney created it for the president and his own state! Lmao We need to start hammering this to people guys! Like now.... If they don't want to listen, then we make them listen! Ron Paul has to be the nominee or this country is doomed!

juan maldonado