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Election Ad by the Catholic Church (Video)


I'm against ALL organized religions so this ad by the catholic church is just as inappropriate to me as it would be if it was being paid for by a methodist church, baptist church, mormon church, or the church of the occult. It's not the message...it's the messenger!

The two groups that have the most control over peoples lives are governments and religions. BOTH KILL MILLIONS and DO NOT serve their "people".


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It's About Message

Frankly, I found it to be better than any ad produced by Benton and Tate's campaign. I would've rather heard his tag: "I'm Ron Paul, and I approve this message', here than there.

People who hold to belief systems should stand and be counted demonstrating those beliefs.

Ron Paul's message explains how JOBS are effected by the causes of a bad economy. This particular sponsored ad promotes consideration of Ron Paul's priorities -- Economy, Life, Freedom ....

good ad

Thanks for posting.



the paradigm that the state has a right to interfere in the economy, supposed to "create jobs", and gets to "enforce" marriage.
Shortsighted. The Church in the US has been cosy with the state (pushing Obamacare, "social justice" crap) and now the viper is biting at THEM and they don't like it. Welcome to the party, US Bishops. This is what the state DOES.

please change the title

of your post because it's not true.
And I don't see how this post ISN'T Catholic bashing. Why do you care what they do? Let them appeal to each other as they wish. CC2W has every right to express its opinion - especially since Dr Paul agrees with a few of the points they raise - life begins at conception, taxes, jobs and freedom. I think it may open up some eyes as to Dr Paul.
I have no idea what motivated you to put that here, but I think your post suspect.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison


Butler did it!!!!

Thank God they chimed in...

I was a little confused which abortion-loving candidate the Pope wanted me to vote for! Wait... which one am I supposed to vote for now?

Abysmal -- but not "by the Catholic Church"

Being a person who associates with the Catholic Church myself, I had to check out the source of this video. It was produced by an independent group called "Catholics Called to Witness" -- not the Catholic Church itself. Thank God.