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Government To Seize Man’s Land For Frog Habitat

Government To Seize Man’s Land For Frog Habitat


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Just read Rosa Koire's Behind The Green Mask.

She says that UN Agenda 21 will force people out of rural areas for environmental reasons, because they are not "sustainable." I could simply be noticing things now that I'm looking, but I've been discovering new signs everyday, and they tell me that this is real and it's happening now. Drones over rural skies, the smothering of small private farms, increased police state (checkpoints), ALL the foreclosed homes, radical federal environmental policies/goals, green redevlopment, saving resources, saving frogs, etc... Just this idea explains why property rights are a necessity for a truly free nation.

Bring back the frobs! I mean jogs! I mean...

If only there were the same will to bring back JOBS as there is to bring back FROGS. It would be really great if we could bring back both instead of pitting one against the other.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

I'd be hopping mad

OTOH, someone has to replace those frogs that are jumping out of the pot as the temperature approaches the boiling point.


they do. Have you ever seen the agenda 21 sustainable communities map.

That will answer all your questions in one glance.

Now we know - frogs have more freedom than we do


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