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Yall Still Want to Shake Jesse Benton's Hand?

A while back, before Rand declared his allegiance to Rombama, someone posted that they wish they could shake Jesse's hand, for his genius level strategizing. This guy was just sure that secret decoder ring Benton was about to bring the whole establishment down through subterfuge! I wonder if that guy still wants to shake the hand of that campaign genius?

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agreed atlanta

benton will surface somewhere in the future of the political landscape. It wont be related to liberty or Ron Paul. I hope Dr. Paul's grandaughter can sleep at night knowing her husband's incompetence OR intentions(not sure which) helped sink her grandfather.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Anyone can be duped

even our dear Mr. Paul, Bob Barr left him standing. Anyone else remember that?
I beleive he may have placed total trust in the wrong hands.
The "campaign" was a non-campaign.
LAWYERS for RON PAUL are ready! election fraud remedy * com
tools for justice * com
the grass roots are still out there and are seeking to have their voice heard. It's a civil right.....


not Mr.

egapele's picture

Not this stuff all over again

I see y'all are back again. Here come the massive upvotes / downvotes.

who is yall? FYI, we are the

who is yall? FYI, we are the majority. We are not happy about the incompetence of the campaign. We support Ron Paul, but want to make sure the people around him know that we do not like the way they spent our money.

Alex Jones == a leftist Glenn Beck

Anytime I hear regurgitated complains about the campaign, Rand or Jesse Benton I intend to curse Alex Jones name. He is a #$%^ !@#$ ^&*( !@#$%^.

The controlled opposition is Alex Jones and his name should be cursed every time it is uttered.

This scum bag is in business to divide us.

You all should really stop echoing his BS.


Calling Alex Jones a

Calling Alex Jones a "leftist" is beyond inane, to put it nicely. He did not support climate change nonsense, bailouts, and undeclared wars like beck does. Like em or hate em, there is nothing whatsoever 'leftist' about Jones. Anyone who knows anything about infowars wouldnt claim such a thing.

This is useless

commentary, and is negative. We do not know all the details, and likely never will. Why focus on the negative when the Liberty Message is all that really matters. Have you ever sat with old folk when they all go on and on about all the bad things on the nightly news, repeating it over and over, lamenting on how horrible it all is? That's what this sounds like and serves no purpose other than to create bad vibes. Get over it and focus on what good has been accomplished; we will not give up and will not succumb. If you want to give up, then why don't you giddy-up and move on to troll elsewhere? No matter what, I'm still voting Ron Paul!!!

I still can't believe that

I still can't believe that there are delusional and desperate idiots that think that Jesse Benton has done ONE SINGLE THING that Ron Paul himself didn't give the go ahead.

Basically, what you are all saying is that Ron Paul is incompetent.

How can a man run an entire COUNTRY if he can't even keep a small campaign staff (or racist newsletter staff) in order?



Keepin' it real.

That may well be the case.

However, it may also be a method to determine who is sincerely interested in liberty and who is simply a "hanger on," as it will not be enough to simply put together a competent candidate. The liberty movement will need thousands of leaders nationwide to clean up this mess.

Only as an opportunity to "slap on the cuffs".

I would suggest to anyone who contributed to the national campaign, you should consider both a civil and criminal complaint against Ron Paul 2012 and Jesse Benton in particular. My only regret for not contributing to the national campaign is I have no standing either for a suit or a criminal complaint.

Before this is over, I hope the best job Jesse Benton can get is parking valet at the Congressional parking garage and only if Rand "puts in a good word for him."

Tyrgve Olson might get Jesse a job...

...working the CIA's next color revolution.

I'd like to shake his hand...

...if only to distract him while I reach around to his back pocket with my other hand to snatch a refund of my $2,500 campaign contribution.



Being played for a chump by a bunch of politicos on the make...

...is nothing to boast about.

Speaking of "chumps"