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Changing of the Iowa GOP Guard

Twice at the Iowa GOP state convention, efforts were made to restrict any criticism of a Republican from anyone holding an elected state-party position. Twice those efforts failed, thankfully. The insularity that the big-government, war-mongering Republicans want to impose on their fellow Republicans is stifling.

It’s no secret that 23 of 28 non-bound voting delegates from Iowa at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August are Ron Paul loyalists or supporters – including new Iowa party chair A.J. Spiker, who was formerly a Ron Paul paid staffer. The Ron Paulistas, as some refer to them, have taken over the Republican Party of Iowa, and nothing was more evidence of this than the peaceful, professional, and controversy-free manner in which last Saturday’s statewide convention played out.

One must compare the convention with district and state Republican conventions in Nevada, Louisiana, Missouri, and Alaska, where police helicopters and unlawful arrests and broken hips and fingers were the order of the day for many of the electorate that did not follow the establishment single-party-system script of pretending there is a difference between the two parties.

Iowans who understand our state motto have known better since the January 3 precinct caucuses and stuck with the statutory system of being elected by their neighbors to eventually be able to influence Iowa’s party leadership, national delegation, and state-party platform. Critics will point to the Ron Paul takeover of Iowa’s Republican party as a reason that “first in the nation” status will be lost for the caucus process. To the contrary: The peaceful and transparent manner in which the caucus process has played out over multiple party conventions – from county to district to state – is a strong reason why Iowa will remain first in the nation.

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    Who's Police State is It?

Romney’s visit here (Davenport, Iowa) on Monday, June 18, was a real eye-opener for just how far down the path we have gone to a police state. You know it’s getting surreal when local retired auxiliary sheriff deputies are bullying people, herding them like cattle along predetermined paths that start hundreds of yards away from the actual speech site – all this corralling of Quad Citians for a political speech by a presidential candidate who is not even a nominee yet. Ron Paul signs on the periphery magically disappeared and were replaced by Romney signage.

This is completely un-American. Our local police should not be participating in censoring any voices who oppose Paul, Obama, Romney, or any other candidate in the race, under any circumstances. This is the direct result of a new law, House Resolution 347 – or the Federal Restricted Buildings & Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 (http://www.RCReader.com/y/hr347) – that prohibits free speech in the vicinity of any politician under the protection of the Secret Service. This law and the resulting censorship via law-enforcement’s intimidation and threats are violations of the Bill of Rights, and peace officers should be as outraged as civilians.

It was obvious the rigid security had nothing to do with Romney himself (he didn’t attract enough people to fill the chairs at LeClaire Park), but was instead a practice drill for the local police coordinating with the state and federal authorities in a crowd-control operation. A local man who took his shirt off in the heat – and who happened to be an Iraq veteran supporting Ron Paul – claims he was escorted out of the park for uttering “bullshit” to one of Romney’s comments.

Full Article: http://www.rcreader.com/commentary/changing-of-the-iowa-gop-...

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Favorite city,Davenport.Lived there and went to school there.Great work Iowa.

First in the nation

It's great to see Iowa setting an example for the rest of the nation - Paul is clearly the only rational choice for real change.

The idea of liberty cannot be stopped - I'm happy to see Iowa at the front of the pack and am proud to have been a part of Iowa's victory for Paul.