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BE Ron Paul

When Ron Paul did not get his way in congress (pretty much always) did he pack up his constitution and go home?

When Dr. Paul was attacked as a nut job or a lunatic or worse, did he get mad and lash out in anger?

When lies and misinformation were used against him (always) did Dr. Paul resort to these same tactics?

Did Ron Paul ever refuse to work with someone on a particular issue because they happened to disagree on others?

Was Ron Paul only out for himself or did Ron Paul support others who had similar views as his own?

Could anyone here even imagine Ron Paul using violence to make a point?

Did Ron Paul ever quit?

Perhaps as we support the man and his principles, we should endeavor to emulate his way. So many of my respected fellow DPers have become quite testy and cantankerous as of late.

I am tired of hearing "noone but Paul" and "Rand is a traitor" and
"I'm outta here if RP doesnt win" and "burn it down" and all the rest. Seriously have you ever heard Dr. Paul speak? Does he say these things? Is he so childish as to throw a tantrum when he does not get his way?

C'mon folks, Ron Paul has been at this diligently for 40 years, taking every insult and insinuation in beautiful stride. Don't be so quick to anger, or so quick to quit, or so quick to cast blame and spread vitriol. This is not the Ron Paul way.

I encourage you to study the man just as you study his principles and philosophy. He is possibly the most effective politician in our generation. Others may win elections but RP created a movement, a RLOVEUTION! As we continue to carry his banner perhaps we can all try to be a little more magnanimous, a little classier. A little more like Ron Paul himself.

Quiet resolve is very effective in the long run. So as we head to Tampa and beyond I encourage everyone to check themselves and make a better effort to BE RON PAUL.

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Very nice thread

I have stood by Ron Paul since the first video I ever saw of him 4 years ago and he made me cry. I don't waiver, I don't get angry, I don't question him. He is my president, whether in the White House or not. I have a 17 year old daughter who loves Ron Paul,she will be one of the next generation for liberty, so just like Dr. Paul, I lead by example.

Admire you post

He has an indomitable spirit, I am sure the supporters will become bolder and be able to focus their passion much better and keener

Love the idea, but....

to BE Dr Paul, you also have to embrace his deeply Christian beliefs, AND his personal, and private relationship with God.

No, you just need to grow

a strong moral compass.
Why, Jill, would you need to embrace his Christian beliefs?
And his personal and private releationship with God is his alone. He's an individual. Are we not individuals? We can't 'embrace' anyone's personal/private relationship with God or anyone else for that matter as that's something we would have to develop ourselves. Just like if you and I had a mutual friend, our relationship with that friend would be different because of what we, as individuals, bring into it.
I found your comment rather intolerant of those who have faith, and not in keeping with the spirit of this post.
Milton, you wrote a good post. We should always be trying to improve ourselves. Thanks for reminding us.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Absolutly no offence intended.

Just commenting that Dr Paul walks the walk and talks the talk of his faith...which make him the principled man he is. I'm not saying that non religious people can't be principled, but his faith gives him guide lines and directions that guide him through the mire of politics.

Thank you for the

clarification. I misunderstood.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison



ytc's picture

Yes, Milton. Ron Paul was & IS the most effective politician

who changed our sad fearful lives into hopeful meaningful ones.

He is the closest living leader to the "ideal man", exhorted by JC in his Sermon on the Mount.

Thanks for the reminder to think W&HWR&CD (What & how would Ron & Carol do?)before we write or act, especially at Tampa!