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Paul Festival Announces Gary Johnson

Paul Festival Announces Gary Johnson
Johnson and Judge Jim Gray Confirmed to Speak

CHICAGO, IL- Paul Festival announced today they had confirmed former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson to their list of speakers.Johnson joins an already packed collection of liberty advocates for the festival featuring vendors, speakers and live music.

The event will focus on working with independent minded voters from across the political spectrum. The event takes place August 24-26 in Tampa, Florida.

"I am grateful and excited to receive an invitation from Paul Festival and look forward to joining such a great gathering for liberty," said Governor Johnson. "I proudly stand by my record as a Governor whogaryjohnson united voters from all parties and beliefs."

Gary Johnson has been a consistent advocate for working with all political parties and defending civil liberties. Judge Jim Gray, who served as as trial court judge in Orange County, California is joining Johnson as a confirmed speaker. Gray has long advocated for reform of the nation's drug laws and the, "War on Drugs."

Governor Johnson's attendance furthers Paul Festival's goal to band together against the political establishment," said chief organizer Bryan Simeon. "Gary Johnson spent a career unifying both the left and right and fighting to allow all voices to be heard."

The Festival's organizers have continued to emphasize the unity of liberal, conservative and libertarian elements in the event. Organizations from all over the political spectrum have been invited and the theme seems to have resonated with groups, elected officials and individuals. Since it was announced, the event has grown in size, tickets sold and media presence.






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Why not support Paul and Johnson?

Ron Paul and Gary Johnson both actively support the cause of liberty. Ron Paul has admitted numerous times that it's not as much about him as it is about the liberty movement.

If Johnson gains our support, he has a chance to be part of the national televised Presidential debate with Obama and Romney. Do you realize the importance of the voice of liberty in a debate with both sides participating and watching?

Johnson's voice of liberty, much like Ron Paul's, would make both Obama and Romney look like goons. Get with it people.

I support both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

If you can't get Ron Paul, I may not be coming...

and at some point soon, I will post my hotel reservation for any of you who would like it.

NOBODY has explained yet to me why it is that in 2012 we couldn't get ONE VENUE for all of us, whereas in 2008 we did.

Why is this? And, if there was friction somehow, then, why didn't we get someone uninvolved to lead the Festival? Pray tell!

I am saddened that Dr. Paul didn't accept the Libertarian slot, because it would have given us all a chance to officially vote for him. He didn't even have to campaign much. He just needed to put his name down on the L. ticket, and it would have been nice to have Jesse Ventura being the good doctor's "protector", too.

Nothing else makes sense--unless Dr. Paul's family was severely threatened. Then, all of his behavior makes sense, because after all, the Media had indirectly threatened him not to go 3rd party. How many times did we hear that! And, of course, the power-monger elites certainly didn't want that. Why? They would have had enormous pressure put on them, then, to include Ron Paul in their debates which would have possibly ended up showcasing the doctor, and that's NOT what the elites would have wanted. I just don't know why he wouldn't come out and announce this, if it were really true. But, I am very happy about Dr. Paul's video to us all. He did look very worn out. I urge him to find a venue.......ASAP....so we can firm all our travel plans.

Support Liberty?

If we don't support Liberty (both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson), Johnson will not be included in the debates, his presence and the voice of Liberty will not wake up any more people, he will not increase our numbers, and real polling data come November will probably look like this: Johnson 5% Romney 44% Obama 44% Other 7%. I'll write-in Ron Paul, of course, and since he is not on the actual ballot, he will be grouped into the "other" category and that's that. I stuck to my principles.

However, if we support Paul and Johnson, Johnson could be included in the debates, he could help wake up even more people (especially the Democrats who didn't pay attention to Paul because of his brand Republican), he could grow our numbers to new heights, and real polling data could like this: Johnson 31% Romney 31% Obama 31% Other 7%. I believe Liberty is that popular, do you? In this case, I'd definitely vote Gary Johnson instead of writing in Ron Paul. Wouldn't you?


Dump Johnson now and this event will take off again! I will attend either way but will go sight seeing during Johnson's skit. Thank you for pulling this together, but let's not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! We need a united front going into the convention. Unless GJ is announcing his withdrawal from the race and endorsement of Dr. Paul, he will have the affect of throwing sand in our engine. Oh and by the way; he's boring!
Now, let's talk line-up : we need Aimee Allen, John Mayer, and Judge Napalitano!
Again, this can still be huge, but lose GJ!

RON PAUL is the GOLD STANDARD of politics, his value never changes; it's tied to the CONSTITUTION!

Paul Festival announces Gary Johnson......

And that is exactly why this once excited Paul Festival attendee will not be attending after all.

So someone thought to himself...Let's honor Dr. Paul by holding a festival in his honor...And, oh yeah, let's headline it with the guy whose campaign and supporters have been ruthlessly attacking Dr. Paul's son.

Let's headline it with a guy who supports KEEPING the fed.

Let's headline it with the guy with ties to the CFR.

Let's honor Dr. Paul by trying to get all the people who have been elected to local and state committees in the last year to support the LP candidate so they can be thrown off those committees.

What a brilliant idea. An absolute stroke of genius. It's almost as transparent as the posers holding the other festival, only these folks were smarter..Because they put Paul in the name. Because we are too dumb to see right through that.

Anybody still wondering why Dr. Paul is holding his own rally in Tampa? That is the event we should all be focusing on. Period.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

RonPaulRocks...I Wish

This could be on the front page in bold letters. Pretty much says it all. Thank you.


Maybe Gary Johnson will endorse Ron Paul at the Festival?

That would make the Republican strategists take notice.

Not So Crazy If You Read This

...it is one of many articles with info about Roger Stone (think Rove.)


Look at when he endorsed Gary...when Gary said he would be working WITH Stone. Look at the dates and then compare them with some of the things that have happened here.

Yes, from PaulFest to Johnson ad nauseum, to Lawyers4RonPaul, to divisive posts by unknowns...here, there and everywhere...to very strange things cropping up on the internet now like RandPaulReview (real mixed bag.) .. it is feeling so orchestrated.

Does Ron Paul know who Roger Stone is? Does Doug Wead? Of course.


Nice work.

How about that, I wasn't deleted. Go figure.

Some of the Craziness

...is making sense. I feel better LOL.

Saw you asked some very good questions of LadyHawk (btw a lady hawk is a hen/funny). She certainly did evade those questions. She, like the rest of them answer questions either like a robot regurgitating their last *answer*....then they turn around and in another post are either potty-mouthed or juvenile.

And, that is part of the planned craziness I think. My dots are sure connecting.


There you go.

We can do this. Hang in there. I think there are many of us, just waiting to take up arms in this sea of troubles. :}

Is it too late to change the name to

Johnson Fest?, or maybe someone could start a Johnson Festival and invite Dr. Paul to speak there. I had been looking forward to going to Tampa this August but it is not developing into what I thought it was going to be a couple of months ago.


Just go to the offical Ron

Just go to the offical Ron Paul rally

The Paul fest is to honor Dr Paul

The way I see it if GJ tries anything he will just be hurting himself.
Ron Paul supporters are smart enough to see through them easily.
This festival is for Ron Paul and to get him elected anything else is just distraction and deception of the lowest form. Go Ron Paul


Blame it on cheating or lack of support, whatever you want, but we'll be lucky to carry four state delegations... that's a long, long way from winning.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


Here is a great idea

Lets hold a rally in Paul's name without his approval, where the LP attends and tries to sway people to join and support the LP and it's candidate. All while Dr. Paul and the delegates are trying to convince the other 2/3 of the delegation that we are in the republican party for good, so this way our ideas are accepted and implemented.

And you guys wonder why you raised less than $1000 yesterday?

Wake up!

How do you know this isn't Paul approved?

Out of the two of us I bet I am the only one who has spoken to him directly about this. I really don't think you are a Ron Paul supporter, I think you are one of those Daily Paul Trolls. Out of you and Paul Festival, I bet we have more contact and support from the delegates than you do. In fact we are the ones helping get the delegates to Tampa and helping get delegates inexpensive hotel rooms. We are helping delegates raise money to support their travel to Tampa. What have you done for the delegates?

What are you doing for the movement other than running around down voting every thread about Paul Festival and bashing one speaker out of many we have. Do you have anything nice to say about the fact that Peter Schiff is speaking at our event?

And What In the Heck

Were you thinking when you came up with this DUMB Idea? YES It's DUMB.
I am a RP Supporter by virtue of MY MONEY and MY VOTE and YOUR ARROGANCE is unbelievable.
If you help delegates to Tampa GOOD... just don't be so self-righteous about it...you'll not get a nickel from me, or anyone else with that attitude.

You're certainly not being a very good salesman for this "money-bomb".
And as of right now I am doubtful I want to attend this Gary Johnson Fest.

I was looking forward to it..plans made, travel & lodging ready for my approval....THIS is NOT what I had in mind.

TRUST ME..I'm not the only one who feels this way after your reply to Robrigo...Think about this..and think hard my friend.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


An organizer told me, then Ron Pauk backed out, then Doug W said Ron had to protect his name. I know Ron was originally on board, then a week later around the time the speaker lineup was announced Ron withdrew his approval.

The ad honinems are not necessary at all....

Finally the lack of fund raising should send a signal to you that your customers disapprove of your product. So either change it, or lose your shirt. Your call...

His name? Or his business?

His name? Or his business?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

What organizer? Sounds like

What organizer? Sounds like bullshit to me.

Believe whatever you want

Thats what I was told. And all the pieces fit. You guys could have a million different people to promote the message of liberty. There is no need to invite the nominee another party. It could sabatoge our delegate strategy. So have yourself another zero dollar money bomb, or start listening to your customers.

You just nailed them as big-L Libertarians

So typical of Big-L Libertarians: they profess the free market, but they refuse to listen to market signals they disagree with.

Why? Because their personal opinion matters as much as their customers (to THEM).

Is that a recipe for success in the free market? Of course not.

Anyone wonder why the Libertarian party (and hence Gary Johnson) gets a maximum of 1% of the vote in general elections?

Connect the dots.

You Got That Right!

This "Festival" which was "resurrected" again has now sunk to the level of a cesspool...These G'Dammed Libertarian Dick-Heads are either stoned or stupid...take your pick.
BTW I am NOT a REPUBLICAN, so don't even go there you Johnson-A-Holes.

Take your NON-Candidate to your own NON-Festival in POLK COUNTY.

And HOOT?...Find another job ....YOU're FIRED!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Here is a great idea



A few weeks ago, I would have voted for Gary Johnson if Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination.

I would imagine that his poll numbers are going down in recent days. He might consider his base, and reconsider his strategy.

Ron Paul Supporters Will Be Targeted by Gary Johnson

The Gary Johnson campaign sent this out to his mail list, garyjohnson2012.com, this afternoon June 26, 2012. It seems that Gary is coming to Paul Festival to sway votes his way. What is going on here?

Crap Fest

Libertarians have turned into a bunch of warmongering neo cons.
This man is an opportunist. Sorry plan failed..liberty unleashed is a step back into the dark ages and all the planners are starting to show their true colors. Time to separate wheat from the chaff. You don't get it is RON PAUL OR NOBODY AT ALL