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Ron Paul: The Movie

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Ron Paul: The Movie

Just happened on this on Youtube, then came here to search to see if it was here. I was surprised this hadn't been being kept high up on posts. Sent a link to my Facebook challenging my friends and family to watch it the whole thing, not to change their minds about who they support, but to answer the questions about what actions our leaders need to take to effect real change in this country.

long but worth watching... ;)

long but worth watching... ;)

This was incredible

Awesome video...a must watch for any supporter and non-supporter...Would be wonderful if we could somehow take over the airwaves with this and play it nonstop for a few weeks. :)

tks for reposting this

I've been meaning to revisit.

An epic watch.

Please share this as much as you can, it's not too late, by any means

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul