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A New Patriot in Town

I'm happy to announce to the DP community that around February 15th of 2013, a new patriot will be born into this world!

Me and my fiance recently found out that she was pregnant (yes, I said fiance, don't judge), and we are very excited. You all can be assured that, boy or girl, this one will be a freedom fighter! Is it over the top to read Human Action as a bedtime story?

Anyway, please wish me luck as I enter unfamiliar territory and become a parent! Hopefully, the liberty movement can take off and make the US a little bit of a better place to live by the time he/she comes around.

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My son was born in February in 2007 about the same time and he already knows the difference between real money and fiat money. He has his own stash as well.

You will treasure every moment with your child.

God Bless.