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Is Dr Paul crying in this recent short clip?

I found this video interesting, it was the first time we had seen dr Paul in weeks, and he seems rather upset, but maybe only has allergies.
I know he has been on television lately, but still thought I would share this.
I do not agree with the info the original poster writes, but I agree the background seemed out of place and agree that he seemed upset.
Or is it just a stuffy nose or allergies??


Full speech (there are a couple points where he is either sad or stuffy nose and allergys.

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It doesn't sound like he is crying at all. It sounds like he has a cold. No big deal.

Also, anger is appropriate considering the subject matter.



I'd cry

if my son stole my song and ruined my campaign with his betrayal endorsing my opposition. I'd be in shock staring into space for 30 minutes too.

NONONO he's not crying and you are a Lame distraction. ZIP it.

Keepin' it real.

You're right

we have to do something. How about ignore your crazy post?


Is there another RP forum without the lunatics?