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I have a favor to ask you

I just read a bunch of comments on here bashing Rachel Maddow as part of a conspircy to bash the paul campaign.

Can we stop this damn nonsense? I am asking this as a delegate who is taking time out of my career and going though the expense of going to Tampa (I hope you will contribute to help, btw).

There have been several times in the process of becoming a delegate that I have been truly embarrassed by some of the people in our movement who are absolutely bat-shit crazy. I was at a county convention and someone started going on and on about Illuminati, buildabear or buildaburg, or other such goofy-ass conspiricies. Obviously, this hurts our efforts, and it hurts people trying to grow our movement when we associate with someone and they spew out nonsense.

One of the organizers in our state spammed everyone in on our mailing lists with nonsense about Obama being born in Kenya, and several people were upset and asked to be taking off our mailing lists. Can we please tone down the crazy?? Just a little bit?

Which is more likely? Rachel Maddow and others like her our evil villains who have created a vast anti-paul conspricy? (is anyone else reporting us taking over 4-5 states and half of 6 more?) Or are they just liberals who would otherwise be with us if they just understood economics?

Our enemy is not some faceless conspiracy or a single entity called the MSM, it is ignorance and apathy.

If you are a complete loon, I welcome you into our movement, but if you spew this stuff to others I cannot associate with you. Lets keep the crazy on the DL for the DR :)

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Rachel Maddow herself...

...may not be evil..idk. I think people more less know that she has people to tell her what she can and cannot say. They are censored before they go on the air and speak. So I guess people are skeptical, after all the times he has been blacked out then all of a sudden...a person would kinda be silly to not question it. She is not her own boss on that station and everyone knows that! She might be cool in person...idk.

"Can we stop this damn

"Can we stop this damn nonsense?"

Do you get to judge? How fun!

You're worried about being

You're worried about being judged by people who believe loony, idiotic ideas like 'they hate us for our freedom,' and 'TARP was necessary to save economy.'


Ron Paul about Bilderberg: "they probably get together and talk about how they're going to control the banking systems of the world and natural resources"

gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity

I don't watch TV

In all sincerity, I wish I could honestly agree with you.

I can not agree with you because the people I know, sincerely VALUE education and inspiration. I do not know anyone who wants to be "ignorant and apathetic".

MSM chooses to "entertain" not educate and inspire. True. Isn't entertaining their agenda?

A candidate like Ron Paul, who has a message, is actually censored by MSM, who they eliminate from polls, marginalize him in debates, and insult him when they do talk about him, focusing on topics such as racism, homophobia, and today, it's taking social security.

I am not only a delegate, but a committee member on my county Republican Central Committee, and a team leader for the CA Ron Paul campaign.

Not only have numberous letters been rejected by ALL local, and State papers, but I have been refused to participate in radio and TV spots that focus on politics for being a Ron Paul Republican. They wanted a Romney representative. I got one letter in because I made an appointment with the editor and explained that my car had been keyed, and that I had been attacked for being a hompophobe and racist, because of my supporting Ron Paul. People have actually told me, "How could you stand for a racist homophobe?"

Where do you think these people got their information? Do you care?

Most people get their news from MSM, true?

Are you going to tell me honestly, that MSM has not insulted Dr. Paul and twisted his words for their own entertainment agenda? Are you going to tell me that they do not have an agenda when presidential candidate Ron Paul gets questions like, "Sir, are you in the wrong party?" and recieved 2 seconds, to every minute of the candidates THEY prefer to feild live?

To me, MSM is what keeps people ignorant, and apathetic.

I'm not saying MSM is an enemy, or that there is a conspiracy to focus on setting Ron Paul up to be shot down. "Mr. Paul, do you collect Social Security?" with a scowl, is not educational is it? Of course not when Mr. Paul, who has earned the other titles of congressman and Dr., is not given the time to explain he pays into Social Security by FORCE, as we all do.

I trust you know far more about MSM than I do. Please educate me, for like the people I know, apathy and ignorance don't suit me well.

Taking time out of your

Taking time out of your career! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I think those Big Macs will be waiting to be flipped when you get back.

"Delegate Arrogance Syndrome"

So what? There are lots of Americans who believe Obama was not born here, personally I don't care but people have a right to speak their mind! I'm much less concerned about the 'conspiracy theorists' within this movement than I am with those that pushed 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' in order to start a war!!!

Besides, it's the neocon power players like Donald Trump who have pushed the 'birther' issue the hardest. I don't see you calling Donald Trump a loon?

How gracious of you! First you invite the 'loons' to join our movement and then you basically say shut up or I won't associate with you. How disrespectful!

Pay your own damn way to Tampa and try learning some manners before you get there!!!

You have a point

but to write off anyone mentioning bilderberg as crazy is ignorant. A member of our parliament was questioned in parliament about his attendance, does that make the questioners crazy or are they just being reasonable in expecting full disclosure of what backroom deals elected politicians may or may not be making with unelected powerbrokers.


“The Irish people have a right to know what their senior Ministers are saying at a meeting like this, and what stance they are taking on global issues.”


Very true.. but don't you

Very true.. but don't you think the loonier participants hurt the effort to bring stuff like Bilderberg more in the open. There's a huge grey area between swallowing the MSM narrative outright and Alex Jones type histrionics of "they're all coming to get us!! RUN!!"

You can't bring stuff like that up in a serious debate because you immediately get tarred with the loony-brush or stomped on by the conspiracy-loons themselves.

I think you need to read

his post again.
He's a delegate in a hostile atmosphere. One of the reasons they're hostile is because the word on Ron Paul and his supporters is that they are loons. We need to dispel that image and many are trying very hard to do just that.
What is discussed on the forums is one thing, but to raise contentious issues in public with those who have a particular agenda does nothing for our cause. It's difficult enough to get people to listen to the Liberty message; you can't accost people about illuminated buildtheburgers and expect them to listen.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

I think you should check out the first 4 words of my post


"you have a point"

I mean why not just say "Let's pick our battles" instead of coming up with 'funny' misspellings of Bilderberg in a place(dp) that seems sympathetic to finding out more about what happens there.

A bit thielish imo



If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

I agree with you.

Next time though, use spell check. It hurts the credibility of your message. And I'm not trying to insult you.

and being a spelling/grammar

nazi hurts the credibility of your message.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison