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The Top 10 Presidents In U.S. History

The real top 10 presidents that the mainstream media doesn't talk about! Spread this video! Spread the truth!


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Hope they left out Lincoln, I

Hope they left out Lincoln, I listened to a Mises lecture by David DiLorenzo about that guy and he was ROTTEN to the core.

No Lincoln

interesting choices

thank you

Thank you for the tip. When looking for it it seams that it was Thomas J. DiLorenzo.

Also add John Kennedy

The U.S. Media trys to portray Kennedy as just a rich, irrelevant male bimbo.

But of course it was Kennedy who at the height of the Cold War had the wisdom to seek to reverse it all, and who had remarkably prevented a Nuclear War with Cuba despite a direct 90-mile-away threat, and who had began the withdrawal from Vietnam, and who began to print debt-free, silver-backed United States Notes (bypassing the Rothschilds Federal Reserve Bank).

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vg4DOWJpWBI&feature=relmfu

He was the last real U.S. President that this Country has had (all of them puppets ever since). He was the last U.S. President to actually care about the Truth.

John Tyler snubbed?

He opposed his own party while in office, particularly opposed tariffs of the whigs who subsequently kicked him out of their party and nominated someone else the following election. He became president when wm h harrison died.shortly after his inaugeration. He needs much much more credit. I think of Van Buren, Tyler and Cleveland to be the big three - for their strict adherence to the constitution. While jefferson was a brilliant man, he wasnt necessarily the best president.

While we are at it....my worst.
Fdr, lincoln, wilson, polk, bush, obama

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Lyndon Johnson-Worst of the Worst

No doubt in my mind.

worst of worst

while lyndon johnson acted criminally to get such title don't forget the worst 3 ever
in chronologic order Lincoln, Wilson , FDR