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Always amazed at Dr. Paul's ability to encapsulate all his critical positions with the reasons why..... and do it while answering a single question or two. We have an amazing candidate.... his intellect as well as his integrity.... I am SO proud to support this man.
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Who will publish this outrage:

Douglass Bartley to golden equity:

Here's an account I wrote (in 3rd person). I ask that you bring the matter to Dr. Paul's attention as Townhall is a hot bed of virulent anti-Paulism, and this is conclusive evidence of it.

This is a draft without specific dates, but it should give you the basic picture of the banishment. .

Townhall Blacklists No. 1-Ranked Ron Paul Blogger and Family
confiscates all (500+) their postings

On the evening of September 19, Townhall turned lights off on Douglass Bartley whose blog "Rx: Dr. Ron Paul" had been No. 1 of some 5000 blogs at the Neo-Con site http://townhall.com for many weeks in a row. Bartley also operated a second blog "The Kiss of Judice: Constitution Betrayed".
That evening Bartley posted on the "Kiss of Judice" blog some 12, one-line articles, each entitled "Impeach Bush: Reason No." 32 and so on down to Reason No. 20; each with a dozen or so links to previous, impeachment-related postings on Rx: Dr. Ron Paul [1]; and each designed, says Bartley, to stimulate debate on each of the articles of impeachment.
When Bartley, 60, stopped for the evening at Reason No. 20, he noticed that all the postings of that evening had disappeared. Further investigation revealed that not only the postings were gone, but also that both his blogs had been scrubbed in their entirety. Investigating some more, Bartley found this comment from Townhall employee, Chris Bower, on a virulently anti-Ron Paul site (run by Catmman a/k/a Robert Steely) [2] under an article entitled, Impeach Ron Paul - Only One Reason: [3]

Chris writes: Wednesday, September, 19, 2007 10:41 PM
Great point. Very insightful Robert... Of course now you'll proceed to be bashed and called all sorts of names by the Paulbots for daring to call into question their fearless leaders dedication to his purported values. But alas, such is life. Don't forget to put on your asbestos suit.
Catmman writes: Wednesday, September, 19, 2007 10:52 PM
No worries...Thanks Chris. I've been in the trenches with the Paulbots for awhile now. One has left, to be replaced by another. Maybe I'll start calling them Ronbies (instead of Zombies)- One goes away, only to be replaced by another. I'll just keep countering their biases as I've been.
Chris writes: Wednesday, September, 19, 2007 11:46 PM
Well, one got banned earlier tonight for spamming the blogatorium... So I'm sure another will pop up soon enough.
GunnyG [4] writes: Thursday, September, 20, 2007 8:13 AM
Amigo. You are my competition but I will say: GREAT ARTICLE and please note: The Ron Paul that was in 1st place forever is LONG GONE! And good riddance.

That evening or the next morning, Bartley E-Mailed Josue Sierra, Townhall Community Manager, this letter:
Josue: I see that my son [5] [and]I have been stuffed down the Townhall memory hole; no blogs, no comments, no anything--and just in the middle of my 32-count indictment of Bush at Kiss of Judice
Who hit the delete key? And if what I was doing was so objectionable, why not just remove the objectionable part? I guess I suspect Chris, because I just read his comment smirking over it
Hope that you'll take the necessary corrective action, and restore the blogs and comments to the status quo

To which, Sierra replied:

Hi Douglas,

You have continually attempted to game the Top Ten system with your constant, disruptive, republishing of your index,[ [6] ]and you have refused to respect other author's creative works.[ [7]] Despite warnings,[ [8]] you continue to disregard our moderation policy.

Your blog (RX & Kiss of Judice) have been removed and those two accounts have been blacklisted for repetitive abuses and refusal to follow our moderation policy. I assure you the decision was entirely mine. Your accounts will not be reinstated. [ [9]]

Josue Sierra
Online Community Manager

Within a day or two after September 19, Bartley started up another blog under his name: the blog was called SOS: USS Republic. That blog was blacklisted within an hour.
That same day or the next, Bartley's wife, Suzanne M. Bartley, started her own blog, "A Coroner's Inquest" into the death of "Rx". That too was blacklisted within the hour of its opening.
That same day or the next, Bartley's son, Douglass Y., started his own blog, "Discipulus Veritatis" which opened with the article "Douglass Bartley, A Good Name." He then posted six articles, each entitled, e.g., "Credo: Volume 1: God and Creation" through "Credo: Volume 6: Perfection of the Soul . . . " . Each of those articles was a graphic index of basic Catholic theology that both father and son had worked on on and off over the past two years.
Y.'s blog lasted three days. He was really picking up steam on the sitemeter, threatening to break into the top ten when he wrote an article entitled:

A Website With "Rounds Out"[ [10]] in 1st Place . . .
Tuesday, September 25, 2007 8:54 PM
. . . Is a Malarial Swamp and a Leading Indicator How Low Discourse Can Fall, Sayeth Douglass Y. Bartley.
I would cite to articles about this phenomenon, but alas, they have all been deleted. Query: Why has Townhall been promoting him so much? Look above. Here's what's been there for days now: [Graphic omitted]

Josue.Townhall.com writes: Tuesday, September, 25, 2007 11:19 PM
A reminder...
Douglas ,

I remind you that our moderation policy asks that you refrain from personal attacks. If you have something of substance to argue or disagree about from Catmman's post, feel free to argue that, but to simply name him on your headline, and resort to denigrating Townhall and Catmman's blog ( Malarial Swamp) is outside the bounds of respectful discourse itself.

Josue Sierra
Online Community Manager
Catmman writes: Wednesday, September, 26, 2007 11:59 AM
More attacks
That's ok. I would ask you to do as Josue says if you have anything of substance to debate. If you want to debate or engage in a resonable discourse, fine. If not, that's fine too I guess but this is just juvenile. Thanks for the mention though, even though it's in the context of an attack. Have fun blogging!
Douglass Y. Bartley writes: Wednesday, September, 26, 2007 1:14 PM
"Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue", said Barry Goldwater (1963).
Catmman writes: Wednesday, September, 26, 2007 1:53 PM
"The wise in heart will receive commandments: but a prating fool shall fall." Proverbs 10:8
Josue.Townhall.com writes: Wednesday, September, 26, 2007 1:57 PM
Definitions mixed up...
They are spelled alike, so I can understand the confusion, but you may be getting these two definitions mixed up... http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/moderation I meant moderation as in "supervision; mediation" as opposed to"the state or quality of being moderate; avoidance of extremes."Good quote though.

~ Josue
Douglass Y. Bartley writes: Wednesday, September, 26, 2007 5:32 PM
Double standard at work
Will Catmman suffer no consequences for having called me a "juvenile" and implying that I'm a "prating fool".
Douglass Y. Bartley writes: Wednesday, September, 26, 2007 5:45 PM
After all, JamesJ . . .
. . . the government consultant who said that Pat Buchanan wanted to see a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv was retained by TH despite complaint and attempted flagging. Evidently, blacklisting is a function of whose ox is being gored.

Moreover, Townhall is also the only American government I know that claims the power to censor criticism of it. So far, Bush hasn't even claimed that power.
Douglass Y. Bartley writes: Wednesday, September, 26, 2007 5:55 PM
JamesJ had his own computer . . .
when he made his mushroom cloud remark. Perhaps Catmman will explain whether he was using his own computer or a government computer when he made the remarks above. And if it was a government computer, perhaps he would inform us of the regs which permit private use of government computers.
Email It | Print It | Flag as Offensive [11]

That last remark was lights out for Douglass Y.


[1] Rx Dr. Ron Paul had been inaccessible for some two or three days as of September 19. The Townhall manager, Josue Sierra, was by his own account, trying to restore author access. The articles on Rx included several by Bruce Fein and Paul Craig Roberts, as well as Bartley's own work on the subject.
[2] Catmman, a man of many names, is known as in the Townhall Blogatorium as "Rounds Out" which has since replaced Rx as the No. 1 blog. He is an Air Force Master Sergeant located in San Antonio Texas .
[3] Readers may find the article in its entirety by clicking on the adjacent link.
[4] Gunny G operates the now No. 2 blog "Anti-Liberal Zone".
[5] Bartley's youngest son , Douglass Y. Bartley, 19, had helped Bartley with the blogs and was going to take over the work, gradually. The announcement of this was deleted along with everything else.
[6] The republishing of Bartley's Rx Paul Index took place on September __ just __ days before this contact. Because of prior publishing problems with Townhall's computer, Bartley had three Rx indices: one intended as permanent, one as temporary, and one archive. He was working on all those to combine them when he was charged with "constant, disruptive republishing". Before everything went sour on Bush impeachment night, September 19, Sierra had written Bartley complimenting him on the index. Bartley also points out that every fifth article, he had to update the index for it to be visable on his blog to Townhall readers.
[7] "Refused to respect other author's [sic] creative works": Bartley admits that he published other author's works without explicit permission but these were the results of polls, public interest news articles, and many Rockwell blogs and some Rockwell com articles, mostly he believes by Ron Paul. In each he gave the author all the credit, publicity, and sources that could be mustered byanyone. None of those materials would ever have made it onto Townhall had Bartley not posted them. Bartley believed that everything he republished or extacted was fair use.
[8] "Despite warnings": There were no warnings about anything except one about a republished ABC News article on domestic satellite surveillance. At the time Sierra sent the warning, he suggested that Bartley also go back through and excerpt or excise any other postings which were full republishings. Bartley at first resisted the request, but a few days later, after posting an article called "Copyright Law: A Snare and Delusion" recanted his opposition to Sierra's request/demand on the grounds that determining copyright law was like trying to nail jello to the wall. Because, as he wrote to in a public comment on Townhall, he didn't wish even Townhall hostiles to go to jail, he would reevaluate everything. The next day, he started going through his index to see what articles posed any colorable risk of copyright violation, A day or two later Rx Paul went down from the bug so no work could be done on that site, which remained inaccessible to Bartley until Bush impeachment "spamming" evening when all Bartley blogs and comments were blacklisted.
[9] Last Saturday, Sierra did offer conditional reinstatement but then waited three or four days to state the conditions. The "reinstatement" was that Bartley could start all over, with none of the 500 blogs restored, no access to those blogs, and no restoration of ranking.
[10] The same blog above that published "Impeach Ron Paul".
[11] Townhall has a flagging tool that's never been used on Bartley or his family. Instead they just wiped out the five Bartley blogs in toto.