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Moody's "secret" downgrades of US banks

I guess MSM didn't hear about this...

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Strange they downgraded Thursday

Usually something like this would happen after the bell on Friday. Guess they figured the latest econ reports were safe enough to do the downgrade now and let the markets adjust Friday through the weekend.

I still think there's a big cog in the wheel that's bent and it's going to grind the whole thing to a stop. Who's cog it is, is anyones guess.

This was no secret though, it was reported yesterday afternoon/evening.

Real eyes realize real lies

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It's pretty much mainstream news now

I heard it on RT this morning.


had this on their front page yesterday


Thanks for the vid. Yeah, I didn't know about it. I guess Moody's wants to try and salvage some small scrap of credibility...

John F