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Fox News claiming Dallas bomb suspect is a Ron Paul campaign director 2008

I'm not sure if this has made national news yet but the local media here is all over this guy. His name is Anson Chi, author of the book "Yellow on the outside, Shame on the inside". This man has been placed under arrest(June 18, 2012) by the FBI for attempting to blow up a gas line in the city of Dallas. So today I get a phone call from my grandfather who asked me to turn on the local news(Fox)station. Now they're reporting that this guy was a director for Ron Pauls campaign in 2008. It really upsets me to think how many people are going to hear his name associated with this story.

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I'm in Dallas. I heard this

I'm in Dallas. I heard this story on AM radio this morning. No mention of RP tho. Suspect is in hospital and FBI searched his home.

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for visibility.

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I don't know, one way or the other.

But I DO know that the FBI is known for fabricating these kinds of things, and creating "stings" out of thin air, for political purposes, and manufacturing false evidence. All that is proven history of the organization.

So, while I don't know anything about Chi, I know enough about the FBI to not believe them at face value.



Chi wrote that after graduating, he worked in California, Taiwan and various Texas cities as a systems engineer before ending up as a grass-roots “campaign director” for the 2008 presidential campaign of Libertarian Ron Paul, to which federal records show he donated $1,700.

His website: http://ansonchi.webng.com/


Travis County District 149
Precinct Chairman

Ron Paul 2008 Grassroots Campaign - Austin, TX 2007-2008
Campaign Director

There is no such thing as a

There is no such thing as a "grass roots campaign director".

By definition, grass roots means having nothing to do with the real campaign.

This story is completely made up. The only truth is he might have been a GOP operative - per the second line.

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it's a title he gave himself imo.