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UK's 125 Billion Dollar Pre-emptive Bank Bailout?

A weird thing happened the other day. I was sitting with my partner (who happens to be a bank manager) and listened on the news to the British Chancellor George Osborne telling us that the Bank of England was giving 80 billion Pounds (125 billion dollars) to the major banks so that they could invest in small business in Britain.

Now my partner knows that banks are not giving many business loans out as they have a very strict criteria on what exactly makes a new business worth investing in. She told me that just pumping money into the banks would not make this strict criteria suddenly melt away. So I said if the government was so concerned why didn't they pump money from the Bank of England directly into small business and avoid this nonsensical bank route?

[Click through for video]

I felt at the time that this whole thing sounded off somehow. Was this some sort of cover-story for a pre-emptive bailout of the banks? Maybe to do with the Euro crisis? Then last night I hear about Moody's bank downgrades which the government and banks have known about for some time.

Moody's have downgraded many major banks.

This is what the already bailed-out bank RBS (with tax payers money) had to say:

''The downgrade could mean RBS would need to find an extra £9bn in collateral for its debts.''

RBS along with NatWest suddenly had a 'technical glitch' yesterday and could not process pay cheques etc. This backlog has continued today.

This all seems more than a little coincidental to me and smells really, really fishy, but the media is of course downplaying this 'expected' downgrade.


http://news.sky.com/home/... (click on 'UK Banks Hit With Credit Downgrades' link)


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Many interesting comments here.

Lets hope we keep a close eye on these uncomfortable developements and add a few more threads on the DP to highlight the imminent dangers. We are getting closer to the eye of the banksters storm, that's for sure!

1913: A weird thing happened the other century.

A mere century ago, few would enter a bank... Let alone run to one. If folk did not have money to buy necessities at the dairy, green grocer or the like, the store keeper would run a tab. That is, the merchant could extend credit. The customer would be obliged to pay soon afterwards. No bank involved. Simple.

A cartel was created by banks to interdict.. into every financial transaction. The Fed: loaning you & your country blind, since 1913.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

End the power of the central banks.

Do not deal in CREDIT. It is the interest on individual credit and big bank bailouts that sustains the wealthy, and keeps the tax payer paying forever.


“It’s like wetting your pants at the North Pole – it feels warm at first, but soon leaves you in even more trouble”


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Thanks for the insights Jake


Governments always try to pull the wool over our eyes...

Thanks for reading. I tend to question things now as we all are only too aware of how our governments always try to pull the wool over our eyes. They really do think we won't notice!

it's not that they dont't...

it's not that they don't think we will notice.They don't care if we do.Look at how many people are waking up to their schemes,and they just keep going & ignoring all the questions & law suits.....

darlek67, you do have a point.

It is amazing how many times they get away without even being questioned or held to account though. Not only by the lamestream media but by joe public also. Don't forget the DP readers are very astute and we're always looking for the latest hidden agenda while a lot of people are still asleep and honestly believe all they are told. Sad but true...


we shouldn't have to pay taxes they should and we should get bailed out not those vermin but they control our goverment and deserve to be dragged out of their homes and shot or put in camps.


So the banks are to go out and get people to buy their products ie. loans, to generate interest and income that benefits the banks through share price and government? ie. more taxes or revenues as they call them? What happens if Banks refuse the loans or can they?

Are these taxpayer loans also put forth to keep banks from closing shop in a country and setting up somewhere else? lol

'What is going on here?' ---- RP in a debate :)

p.s. like the UK has 80 billion pounds to spare?


Simple equation

If the banksters can loan out the money at a higher interest rate than what they received the money for, they will. If not, they will keep the money to "shore" up their balance sheets. Banksters always win and everyone else loses. What a beautiful system....lol

They are paying themselves....

I'm sure that the highest powers have set themselves up all over the world,much as they have in the US.Our federal reserve(privately owned central bank)is owned by the same people who own many of the banks around the world.The bailout they made to banks here,were mostly banks owned by them.In the end,it only caused more financial stress then anything else.And after a audit of our federal reserve was done,it was discovered that they also gave a bailout of over $16 trillion US,to foreign banks,a few years ago.As I said,our federal reserve is a PRIVATELY owned central bank.It is NOT a branch of our federal government.They did not request,nor did they have approval to give that $16 trillion bailout.Now that creates several questions ranging from ethics to moral to financial knowledge to....INTENTIONS.
WHAT result do they intend to see if they are continuing to give these bailouts that have failed time after time after time?I think it is quite clear....they are trying to destroy the currencies of the worlds strongest nations.Once they have done that,they will come in with the resources to rescue the world,but it will be as a one world government,being overseen by the people they put in place,with them running things in the shadows.Much as it has been in the US since 1913.This is a failing model for the average citizen.They will continue to get richer & more powerful off our sweat,blood,tears & deaths while we continue to live lives of stress,burdened by more taxes then we've ever seen,and wishing the hell we had done something before it was too late.
Well it is not too late yet.So all the people of the world need to unite against the tyranny & stop our governments from accomplishing this agenda for this corruption.Most of the world has been standing up to their governments.I am ashamed to say,here in the US,too many citizens are complacent,and are not willing to risk losing their jobs or homes or lifestyles.I wish my countrymen would wake up & realize that if we don't risk it all,we are giving it all away to the corrupt forces that have been taxing us into ruin!

It would be a good thread.

We need to talk more about this. It's the truth. This is really fishy, but from the p.o.v. of those who accept that there is a diabolical plan in place to impoverish and rule over the nations, it really makes a lot of sense.

The Bank of England has been owned by the Rothschilds since 1815 or so, and they haven't relinquished it. They also own the Fed and their proxies sit on the Board. As dalek67 points out, it is clear their intentions are to ruin nations by forcing them into debt. They work very hard at this. Their chief device is war, which is very expensive. They always want to extend more and more credit on interest while simultaneously inflating the currency. Then, at times, they call in the loans. They foreclose. They suck up all the assets, and the people become poor. Now they're totally dependent on the banks and the government. It's sad. More sad is that the people just blindly go along with it to their own demise.

John F

Like your passion, maybe

Like your passion, maybe start your own thread on this dalek67?

Feels like they (rbs, natwest etc) are readying themselves

for a bank run and perhaps some new currencies.

If the s*it does hit the fan next week then they'll have a ready made excuse to limit withdrawals...in fact, they've already given themselves a nice break. That whole technical problems bs stank to high heaven.

Excellent video!!!!

I have always thought that the banks were being used for money laundering purposes directly for the Rich elte power-mongrels.

"Moneey changers, be gone from the temple!" - Jesus Christ

Centuries come & go. The money changers are still plying their trade. Printing presses fly. Flying-money. Cash-flow. Liquidity. Promissory note. Legal tender. Money laundering. Much the same. Paper-money has been pretended as being a money equivalent for abut 4 thousand years. See: Chinese flying-money. Jesus was near half time intermission when he decried, "Money changers, be gone from the temple!"

Best wishes.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

what if

it is the same thing like with the first bailout in US? Remember how they used the money to pay themselves the bonuses? And nobody got in the jail for such a halftrillion scheme. So why they would not continue to loot on the expenses of the people?