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Coordination of Local Efforts?

Dearest Patriots of Washington State,

Is there a website, e-mail distribution list, etc. where the grassroots are working together toward our goals?

My mom and I have committed to fight the system, starting with her becoming a PCO in the 34th district. We started by attending the monthly 34th District Republicans meeting in the White Center library on June 20. We arrived to an empty room that had no reservation with the library, despite the meeting being listed on the KC GOP calendar as 19:00 on the third Wednesday of every month. So, we called the meeting to order and recorded the proceedings. Two LaRouche Democrats had also found the meeting on the KC GOP website, and we spent a good hour and a half having a lively discussion about economic theory. It was basically a historical reenactment of the economic policy dispute between Hamilton and Jefferson, but without the political intrigue!

The event did highlight the fact that the two of us feel like an island of passion in a wasteland of indifference... and amped-up liberal Democrats. Burien had its Wild Strawberry Festival, and the ever-active 34th District Democrats had two booths, plus a table for voter registration! Republican activity, even the neo-con kind, feels limited to Jim Postma trying to replace Adam Smith. But now we have been redistricted into the 7th CD, and the long reign of Jim McDermott.

The Republican party in King County is languishing under the control of Lori Sotelo. The time is ripe for the forces of Liberty to transform the area, especially with the numbers of Blue Republicans. If we can succeed in remaking just the KC GOP in our own image, Blue Republicans can stay for more than one year, and so begins the process of remaking the local Democrat party.

Yes, I dream big... but it all starts with securing our positions at the PCO level, then coordinating our PCOs so that the burden of motivating their precincts is not shouldered alone, then taking the motivated precincts to battle electing Liberty to somewhat higher posts in the KC GOP (and more PCOs), then repeat until Liberty reigns!

Wow, I've digressed. Does such a website or e-mail list exist yet, or do we need to create it? I am fully prepared to do just that, if necessary.


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