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The Expatriation/Repatriation process, is it valid?

Does anyone know about this aspect clearly to convert from U.S. citizen to an American Citizen? This sounds like a good thing but being that the Corp. U.S. is not a gov't are we able to successfully accomplish this? I think this is a legit query and if capable of completion this could be good for some of us. Thanks and please only no BS comments.

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Just Wondering

If you legally change your name, and don't accept a social security card, or license in your new name would that free you from the system?

Since you are no longer the previous person legally wouldn't that make your previous contracts null & void?

Not sure; give it a shot and let us know what happens?

I personally wouldn't hassle with it. Why let the fraudsters force you into a name change and erase your life?

Contest the Certificate of Live Birth as a Constructive Fraud with sole intentions to unjustly enrich the STATE instead.

Write up a Declaration of Status to your Republic state and record it in the county recorders office; run an add for 3 or 4 consecutive weeks in the county seat newspaper and when they send you the affidavit of proof your add ran, record that in the county seat paper; then take a certified copy of that and re-run it back in the county seat paper for another 3-4 consecutive weeks.

That's providing due process of law; public notice to all to contest. Who's going to contest it?

Then if you're ever dragged into one of their statutory courts, put your Declaration of status and your un-rebutted affidavit contesting the Certificate of Live Birth as fraud in the case as well.

I'd think if you sent an affidavit asking for a point by point rebuttal of your accusations of fraud to the Secretary of State and/or State Attorney General, etc. and they don't rebut your claim in 21 to 30 days, then I'd say you've got some pretty decent documentation to back you up.

Just my two cents.


the term U.S. citizen has different meanings. If you claim 14th amendment citizenship you are a federal citizen and come under federal jurisdiction. if you file a 1040, you are a federal citizen. you are a U.S. Citizen on your passport, which means that if you get into trouble abroad, the government will protect you. mostly we are american Citizens or state Citizens. that is why on any legal paper you need to define the term U.S. citizen


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Great comment, though I still request dialogue somewhere, somehow.

The 1868 Expatriat Act is valid, but getting them (corp US) to

recognize your claim of Expatriation is a long shot because of all the contracts you've signed (i.e: Drivers License, SS Card, Etc.).

My personal opinion is, the Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth is the head of the slavery snake.

The doctor brought your parents a Record of Live Birth to sign while they were in the hospital. They have the mother's maiden name already typed in the box; they have the fathers name already typed in the appropriate box, then have 'either' parent sign as an Informant.

The hospital sends that document off the Dept. of Vital Statistics/Dept. of Health, and that's where they 'split the title'. They keep the original document and register it at the DTCC (Jean Keating Seminar on YouTube in Florida explains this), where it becomes a security instrument, and they send the parents/child back their own "revised" copy of that document called a "Certificate of Live Birth".

The only problem with that "Certificate of Live Birth" is, that it has a Registrars Signature/stamp on it from the STATE REGISTRARS Office.

The Registrar is the court of Probate and Probate only deals with Estates of the DEAD, hence the legal fiction/corporate legal-fictitious entity/person "NAME" on the Certificate ... or ... Your name, doesn't matter if it's in all CAPS or not, it's a fictitious entity-a corporation, a DEAD estate, because it has the Registrars name/signature on it with a State stamped seal.

So what they are doing is splitting the title; securitizing on the original document as collateral for the nations debt, and sending you back a death certificate dressed up like a Birth Certificate.

You take that death certificate and start using it as a form of identity to get a drivers license, SS card, checking account, etc. When you do that, you're basically acting as an agent of government-a government employee.


Since that "Certificate of Live Birth" is not the original "Record of Live Birth", and it has a Registrars stamp/signature on it, basically stating you're dead, it looks to be a constructive fraud perpetrated on you for no other reason that to unjustly enrich the STATE.

If so, that makes every license, card, document you've acquired by using the "Certificate of Live Birth" as identity to get said document, Null and Void from it's very inception.

Read some of my other comments and posts on this site (click on my name and have at it), along with others who've commented on the same subject and start to put the pieces together.

The whole damned thing is fraud; there's no valuable consideration, only obligations attached to your already Inherent Rights.

This is very interesting...

how many have actually beat the courts/system in challenging these attacks on our citizenship? I've watched this and the income tax challenges for years and I can't think of anyone who has made headway.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

I think lots of people have prevailed using different methods

over the years. Sometimes commercial remedies work; sometimes UCC stuff works; sometimes showing proof you've dissolved certain contracts work, etc.

I've never personally seen anyone contest the Certificate of Live Birth as an Constructive Fraud with intent to unjustly enrich the state, but I've recently heard Dean Clifford talking about it, and he's pretty sharp with the Trust Law topic.

I mean think about it: If you were to draw up some bogus Certificate of something and passed it on to someone else and they started using it to get into other contracts, and they all of a sudden find out one day it's all BS; the Certificate is not a Birth Certificate, but actually a Death Certificate, wouldn't that make that Certificate Fraudulent from it's inception, and every document you acquired by using it Null and Void?

There is no doubt these people are pulling one hell of a Human Rights scam. By trickery, fraud, and deception they're "presuming" jurisdiction over peoples lives; taxing the death; stealing their property; locking them away in prisons; stealing their money out of bank accounts, etc. and the only reason they can supposedly get away with it is because THEY sent you back a fake/death Certificate of Live Birth and you didn't know any better and started using it when other Gov't agencies demanded you provide that very document to get other Licenses, Cards, Etc.

Did we have a choice? Did they print on the back of that document "You have the right to demand your original Record of Live Birth at anytime. You do not have to use this Certificate of Live Birth if you do not wish; and if you do use this Certificate of Live Birth as a form of identity, you will be subject to the jurisdiction of the United States (foreign Corp US) and all it's BS statutory laws, rules and regulations. You will be subject to an income tax; property tax, excise tax, and will become government "property", and will lose all your Inherent God Given Rights and will not be able to use the unites State Constitution in a court of law"?

Hell no they didn't; it was fraud from it's inception. They sent us back a "Certificate of Death" and printed on it's face "Certificate of Live Birth", ultimately making us DEAD corporate, fictitious entities that the STATE could do business with, because they cannot do business with a living-breathing man/womb-man.

It is trickery, deceit, fraud, involuntary servitude and unjust enrichment of the STATE by means of an Constructive Fraud perpetrated on you from the time you hit the hospital floor.