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Yes, The EPA Is Using 'Spy Drones' To Monitor Farms

Yes, The EPA Is Using 'Spy Drones' To Monitor Farms

Federal agency developed UAVs years ago to keep tabs on land use

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, June 22, 2012

Following a mainstream media backlash that claimed to “debunk” fears that the EPA was using spy drones to monitor pollution and land use, a method of surveillance that threatened to ensnare farmers and ranchers, it actually turns out that the federal agency is doing precisely that.

Following confusion over a claim that the EPA was using unmanned drones to spy on cattle ranchers in Nebraska and Iowa, when in fact the federal agency was taking pictures from manned aircraft, the establishment media went on the offensive, characterizing fears that the federal agency was using the excuse of environmental regulations to keep tabs on farmers as paranoid delusions.

The Washington Post led the charge, debunking the “menacing tale of government gone too far,” quickly followed by the L.A. Times and innumerable other news outlets who seized upon the error to portray opponents of drone surveillance as reactionary lunatics.


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The government and law

The government and law enforcement are going to use whatever means they can to keep tabs on the people. Anyone who does not believe that is a fool. I know that the police in northern indiana used to fly over the county where I lived looking for patches pot. Apparently when viewed from above it can be spotted because it is a particular shade of green that a trained observer can easily spot from an a low flying aircraft.