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The Rise of Rand Paul (CIA front, National Review, says Rand's stock is rising in Romney's veepstakes)

They also report that, "Within weeks, [Rand] Paul will hit the trail for Romney. Rallies and other public events are in the works."

Given the source (NR has always been a CIA front), this is either:

1) Absolutely true, given their insider access to Mittens and his neocon campaign advisors, or

2) Disinfo to stoke further dissension and confusion in the Liberty Movement.

Here's the link:


By the way, this is the same venue where Rand's column critical of Romney recently appeared. Why has this spooked-up subvertor of the conservative/libertarian right, this decades-long mouthpiece for neo-conism and empire, opened its arms (and column space) to Rand? It just gets curiouser and curiouser.

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Randy Paul is disgusting. He thinks he can ride his dad's coat-tails like he always has but he's got another thing coming. Betraying your own father is totally unacceptable. Stealing your dad's song, movement and campaign is not going to fly very far for Randy Paul. Randy Paul's days are numbered. We know who he is. He's a NEO_CON looking to fill his own coffers with special perks and being president-which will never happen. Romney can't get the nom. He will not have enough delegates when convention starts. Rep Paul will be in a brokered convention. Randy Paul can bite it!

Keepin' it real.

I don't think he has a chance

but they want to make him think he has a chance.

Or, maybe, even the neocons have figured out...

...that politically, Romney's a dead duck unless they can somehow bring the liberty wing back into a Romney-led GOP. And the more-easily compromised, favor-chasing Rand is the tool they've chosen to accomplish this nearly impossible feat.

...Or, it's a trap they've set to destroy the Pauls politically once and for all. Romney's never intended to win. He is a ringer to guarantee an Obama 2nd term. So, given that Romney will go down in flames as designed, let Rand Paul go down in flames with him. Then, the Liberty Movement can be blamed (too extreme, unelectable, not real Republicans, etc.) rather than the true extremists (Romney and his neocon cabal).