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Ron Paul Legislation: The Establishments worse nightmare

If only Dr. Paul could have been elected president back in 1988. I was born in 1983. I would of had a lot better life if Dr. Paul was president. He has tried so hard for so many years to help his fellow Americans. He is a true patriot, and I hope all who are going to Tampa to vote for a candidate takes a long hard look at the voting record of the person they plan to support.

It is not the oath taken that makes a man, it is how that man upholds that oath.

Just a few pieces of legislation Dr. Paul has introduced to try and help the American people.

American Traveler Dignity Act

Repeal Unconstitutional Sections of the NDAA

Audit The Fed

Bill To CANCEL $1.6Trillion in debt held by the Federal Reserve

Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2009

Free Competition and Currency Act of 2009

Private Option Health Care Act

Legislation to protect school children from mass murderers (Reported by Gunowners of America)

Interested in finding out even more reasons why the establishment fear Ron Paul and his supporters?
A list of Ron Paul Legislation

Also, visit Dr. Pauls voting record. http://votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/296/ You can always judge a man/woman by their voting record. Starting to understand why the establishment and media work together to hide the true intent of Dr. Paul and his supporters? We are here to help our country. Let us help. Embrace the message of Dr. Paul. He is the ONLY military veteran in the presidential race, therefore he is the ONLY one qualified to be Commander-In-Chief. He is the ONLY medical doctor in the presidential race, therefore he is the ONLY one qualified to deal with healthcare. He is the ONLY free market economist in the presidential race, and has predicted and tried to prevent many booms and busts (ex: Prediction of Housing collapse in 2008), therefore he is the ONLY one qualified to deal with the economy. He is also the ONLY candidate that has presented an economic plan, one that includes cutting $1Trillion the first year, and BALANCING THE BUDGET IN 3 YEARS http://www.ronpaul2012.com/the-issues/ron-paul-plan-to-resto...

Do you want a president that is honest? A president that actually has integrity? A president that has upheld his oath to the Constitution for 30 years? A president that will put our troops before corporations? After all, corporations are NOT people! If you are going to Tampa, you are going on behalf of the American people. Please fight as hard as Dr. Paul has all these years. Please ignore the mainstream media at all costs and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Our childrens futures depend on US!

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Bump for Tampa!

Bump for Tampa!

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