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Paul Festival: An Invitation to Dr. Paul

Why Paul Festival?

People from all over the political spectrum will be gathering at Paul Festival to honor the man who we believe is the founding father of the freedom movement. The message of freedom, and all that it encompasses is what unites us in our diversity. Through Dr. Paul's message we have been able to build a strong coalition of organizations, and though some within our ranks are controversial, our message is pure and consistent - that unless individual freedom is allowed to flourish, the future of our country is at risk. We realize that WE are Dr. Paul's legacy, and we must move forward and effect change in the following ways:

1. Get Liberty Candidates elected

2. Expose the corrupt electoral process. Reform local, state, and federal election laws

3. Educate the movement within our communities, to prepare in the event of an economic or social collapse.

This historic event will spark a new beginning and help our coalition launch these objectives. And the world will see, for the first time, our true numbers as we converge on Tampa, Fl. in a moment of celebration, and unity.

Paul Festival will have musical acts of different genres, comedy, speakers, celebrity appearances with pictures and autographs, book signings, big screens showing Dr. Paul's famous speeches, as well as documentary screenings. Children under 12 are admitted free, and will have their own activities which will include rides, games, airjumps, clowns, face painting, cotton candy, snow cones and so much more. Sunday morning we will have a worship service. Daytime will be family friendly, and nighttime will be more of a festive atmosphere. We'll have a beer garden, food court, and vendors of all sorts (over 200).

Delegates are getting the star treatment. Not only are we are assisting them with travel and lodging, but they have free admission! We currently have over 100 delegates signed up. But that's not all, we are assisting the entire movement with travel and lodging! We have activated the famous RonVoys! And not only have we reserved blocks of hundreds of rooms in several hotels, but we are reserving camp sites, and have worked out a deal with the Florida State Fairgrounds to have RVs and tent camping to accommodate convention attendees.

We understand that Dr. Paul would like to have his own event where he can speak to his delegates, among other things. We would like to offer him a facility to do just that. We can give Dr. Paul Expo Hall at the fairgrounds, which has a stage, is air conditioned, and holds 10k people. His team can have complete control over the Hall. And there should be no issue with accepting the Hall since our non-profit organization leased the fairgrounds. Dr. Paul can speak to our crowd on our outdoor stage which holds 35k, and then move right into Expo Hall to have his event for as long as he needs. It would be convenient, not only for him, but for his delegates who intend to celebrate at PaulFestival anyway.

We, the grassroots, have been working tirelessly to make this event a memorable experience for everyone who attends. It is our hope that the man who has inspired us all in so many ways, will honor us with his presence at our event.

Deborah Robinet


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Liberty Bump!!!

Liberty Bump!!!

This is a bump for the original post.

Not sure why someone else finds it fit to duplicate our post. Seems counterproductive to me. Thank you Deb for writing this, well done.


I so hope he uses this facility!

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Viva La Revolucion!

Pardon my ignorance

but please tell me this invitation to the paulfest wasn't the first for Paul?

Of course not.

Oh ye of little faith. When the stories came out of Benton saying he's only going to speak at his event, we decided to extend the invitation for him to use our facilities.

We were not concerned about not getting a commitment from him earlier because we've been through this before - with the RevMarch. His camp didn't give us a commitment right away then, either.

We've got over 100 delegates confirmed to attend this event. It makes sense for him to speak our event and/or use our facilities. We're hoping the grassroots (and delegates) agree, and help us let him know.

I had faith

I just wanted you to tell me:D

I think he might still appear tbh. Not sure if it was this thread or another but I don't think the whole two fests thing helped the chances of him showing up but I hope he does.

Maybe Gary could introduce him...The next Peresident of the United States...Doctor Ron Paul

:crowd goes wild:

How do you dare

to use Ron Paul name for promoting Gary Johnson. What are you doing???

Dr. Paul and Gary are friends.

We told Dr. Paul he would be there and he was pleased to hear it. This isn't a competition. The primary goal is to bring as many people as we can in the movement together in a moment of celebration and unity, to show our numbers. This event is a celebration of Dr. Paul's achievements and his message. Everyone who believes in the message of individual freedom is invited.

Love this post and I just wanted to add

if you are not aware of this please check it out, its something we are doing to help more people go to Paul Festival:


Why is Gary Johnson scheduled to speak?

Most of us do not want to listen to his stump speech and it's just a slap in the face to RP's spuporters.



When you say most of us, you are

really speaking for yourself. Many people are happy that Gary Johnson will be speaking at Paul Festival.

However this thread isn't about Gary Johnson, it is about the purpose of Paul Festival and an open invitation to Dr. Paul to speak at this great event.

You called it "Paul" Fesitival for a reason...

That reason is clear. You want all "Paul" Supporters to get together at your event while in Tampa.

I understand that Gary is a Liberty Candidate, but it's kind of a slap in the face to The Ron Paul Camp to have Gary speak at "Paul Festival".

Were going to Tampa to support Ron. It's the Republican National Convention. I like Libertarian's, I even consider myself one of them. However... Having Gary speak is a conflict of interest. The focus should be on The Paul Campaign and our support of it. If Ron wants to formerly "pass the torch" to Gary that's Ron's choice and he will do it when he is ready.

Until then... The "Paul Festival" looks to me like a promotional tool for Gary Johnson. Seems it may have been that from the start.

This event is publicly making a fool of itself!

  • Open letters asking for Ron to attend?
  • Asking Ron Paul supports in forums to pressure the campaign for Ron's attendance?
  • Having another candidate from another party speak at the event

The Paul Festival is shaping up to be a dud and its the organizers that are ruining it.

I guess

we were foolish to launch public pressure on the RNC to release the fairgrounds too, then.

As enthusiastic as this movement is, clearly it must have been considered that the grassroots would plan something in his honor, to show our numbers to the world, by converging on Tampa.

It stands to reason then, that we would take all measures to have the man we're honoring attend the event - instead of just rolling over. After all, WE are Ron Paul!


WE are NOT Ron Paul!

Your audacity is your undoing.

Certainly Ron speaking at this event gives it more "juice", but it is not necessary. The line up was great until you veered off the "no one but Paul" path.

Open letters, criticizing the campaign, and badgering his supporters as well as the press in an effort to pressure the campaign to attend shows that your agenda is for yourself.

I could tell that this event was a group of amateurs the moment I spoke to one of your representatives on the phone a few months ago. I kept my mouth shut hoping you all had the best intentions and things would pan out...

As things progressed thought it has become increasingly evident that there is an ulterior motive here. Money? Flipping the finger to the RNC? Sullying Ron's name? Capitalizing on Paul to Promoting Johnson?

So far I've seen this event do all of those. None of which is good for Ron. So why should he attend? Why should we attend?

...and yes. To answer your question. You should have rolled over!

If this was the kind of event you intended, one that publicly comes off as childish, self serving, and disorganized? Then yes... you should have packed it when you had to fight for the fairgrounds. At that stage you were heroes and the RNC were villains. Now your on the hook for an event that is anything other than a "Paul Festival".

It's sloppy, convoluted, and quickly becoming an embarrassment.

If it was me (and I know it's not)... I'd drop the event (find a plausible reason to save face) and throw all your "volunteers" and donated resources to the campaign for their rally.

An event that "never was" is better than the failure this is shaping up to be.


did we criticize the campaign? I'd like to see where any rep from Paul Festival did that. I'd also like to know who you spoke with from our org. when, and about what? If you are going to accuse us of being in this for money - ROFL - or any other ulterior motive, I'd like some evidence to back it up.

It's easy to sit on the sidelines and bark out complaints and accusations. Anyone can do that. Sheesh. Armchair quarterback much?

How did you raise the money

to purchase all those rooms? How much did that cost? This is really great. Thank you.

Thank you Deborah

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Feel free to send it to the campaign as well. ;)