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What is Next for the Ron Paul Movement?

Some in this movement may be thinking "who do I vote for if Ron Paul is not

the nominee". While others may argue that simply by discussing this our

movement is being damaged. I personally think that there is still hope for

Ron Paul to win the nomination, but I believe that we as a movement must

also realize that he could lose it as well. This post is going to be

written assuming that he won't win (which Ron Paul himself has admitted to).

We all have heard talk of how the Goldwater conservatives impacted the

Republican Party, followed by the evangelical movement and now we are

considered the third movement that will shape and influence it. All that to

say that this movement is extremely important and we are making history. I

believe that we must live up to this importance and therefore let our voice

be heard as much as possible in this 2012 presidential election.

I have been reading lately a lot about this lately and unfortunately see

our movement split in at least four ways. I hear many people say that

getting behind Gary Johnson would be our best option because he is at least

considered the leading third party candidate and lines up with Ron Paul on

many issues. There is the people in this movement who will live up to their

saying "no one but Paul", even if it means a right in on their states

ballots. There are also the people who believe that Virgil Goode is the

best candidate because he lines up the most Ron Pauls' beliefs, even though

his chances are very slim and his popularity is low. While others believe

that going for Obama because of his stance on wars or Romney with slightly

better views on taxes would be the most effective choice.

This proves that our movement is split. Each side can make a good

argument on their own views and why we should choose a particular candidate

over another. The only problem is that we need to have a voice in this

election. If each candidates' percentage goes up two percent, what voice do

we have? Our movement will be looked at as over and our influence will be

diminished. You may ask, "well what can we do about if everyone has their

own opinions?"

The truth is that we cannot force everyone to vote for the same

candidate, but what we can do is have an open mind and be willing to get

behind the one candidate who lines up the most with our views and encourage

everyone in this movement to get behind him and make sure that we have the

strong voice that should accompany such a strong movement.
To all my fellow Patriots.

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Gary Johnson

I believe getting mr Johnson into a national debate on stage with Romney and Obama would be the best way to get our voices heard.
What exactly would writing in dr Paul do?
I say, after the convention when we know everything and if mr Romney is the nominee... We need a liberty candidate on stage with the dems and reps. It would be a huge step into getting heard.

Obviously, if Paul doesn't win

the next thing we do is check option 2: getting Gary Johnson into the debate.

Obviously, if Paul doesn't win

the next thing we do is check option 2: getting Gary Johnson into the debate.

I won't your post up or down but...

I must admit I literally stopped reading at:
"This post is going to be
written assuming that he won't win (which Ron Paul himself has admitted to)."

Show me where Ron Paul has ever said "I admit I WON'T win"

Until then, the rest of your post deserves no attention. All due respect, but Dr. Paul has NOT admitted he won't win. Show me.

De criminalize Liberty!

I could of worded it

I could of worded it differently but in this link http://ronpaulflix.com/2012/06/ron-paul-addressing-syria-gra... when asks by Wolf Blitzer if he has conceded the nomination to Romney, he said well, yes it looks like he has the delegates.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



I believe

we must immediatly turn the government back into the hands of the people cutting the legs off of the lobbyists and corruption. We have the technology now to do it.
I have decided to run on this platform.
If we fail to regain control of our government it is over.

Listen to my vid let me know what you think. I believe it is the future Paulite path