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I am not voting for Gary Johnson but, why I agree Gary Johnson should speak at paulfest

I don't see why some are all in a puff over Gary Johnson Speaking at www.paulfestival.org

I disagree with many of Gary's positions and I am not voting for him I am supporting Ron Paul, but I agree with having him speak at paulfest and here is why :

If we are to grow as a movement and make effective changes in this country we must not be so willing to isolate others that support another candidate for President. We must be willing to listen to other people, talk with them and attempt to educate them even if we don't agree with them on many things. We must ralize that we will never grow if we are looking for only the clone of Ron Paul to speak at our events, are we for freedom and liberty or are we trying to form a collective and preach to the choir? Personally I wish they would invite Romney, Obama, Gingrich and santorum to speak, this would be a golden opportunity to educate people to our message of Ron Paul.

We can't reach or educate people if you are unwilling to open your door and let them in to talk to you. If we just keep the door shut and say go away, guess what? They will do just that go away and will never listen to you. So do we isolate people or do we do what Ron Paul teaches us : We can not force our good will on anyone, we can only set good examples and hope people wish to emulate us. What example are we setting if we are not willing to talk with and listen to people we may disagree with? The example is simple, we isolate them. This is no different than how we feel about sanctions on other countries that may disagree with us, Let's follow the advice of the founders, let's talk with them, trade with them but not become entangled in their affairs and set good examples for them and hope they emulate us.

We must remember, Ron Paul has told us that it is up to us to carry on his message, WE ARE RON PAUL and we should follow his lead and open up the big tent for everyone willing to join and listen to us and that means everyone.

I will not tell anyone what to do but I wil be going to paulfest and will be happy to stand with my brothers and sisters that are willing to talk to people they may disagree with so that we can grow this movement and make effective changes our country so desperately needs

I support www.paulfestival.org

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Paulfest Trolls in FULL EFFECT!

You guys just don't know when to keep your mouth shut. Go silent. Regroup.

You should be learning from the market, adapting to it.

The manipulation games you are playing with the frequent posts promoting this event and your poor organizational skills is laughable. My prediction? If you keep this up, this event will crash and burn.

Clearly many of us aren't in agreement with your tactics of promoting an event using the good doctors name and then throwing support to another candidate.

Maybe you should consider taking Gary off the bill for the evening.

I doubt you can change the name of the event at this point. I'm also guessing you would lose a lot of attendance, performers, and free help if you did.

It is abundantly clear you did not do your research before starting this event, otherwise you would have cut a deal with Paul's campaign upfront and known the parameters for his attendance. You could have also know that he might not attend at all.

Bottom line? We're on to you...

The tag line is, "Ron Paul or none at all"
It's not, "Ron Paul, but Gary will do in a pinch"

It's called, "Paul Festival"
It's not called, "Johnson Festival"
(There would be some confusion with that name for sure :)

Instead of trying to convince us where you are right, how about you take a step back and see why maybe just maybe you're wrong.

Event Coordination 101 - Create and event people will want to attend.

You got the name right, the lineup, not so much.

How do you know...

...they hadn't asked Dr. Paul to speak?


agree,so Bumped up.Also noone but Dr.Paul gets my vote.He has proven himself beyond any doubt when it comes to the Constitution.

I agree. Gary is not Ron

I agree. Gary is not Ron Paul, but I don't see him as our enemy either. There will never be another Ron Paul. We can't dismiss and disenfranchise others just because they are not clones of Ron Paul. I truly hope there are cheers for Gary at paulfest. You don't have to vote for him, but he is, at least in my view, a liberty candidate.

I think thats a great idea

I think thats a great idea and I think thats a great idea...

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

We must unite people not

We must unite as many people as possible, not isolate them.