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Doug Wead & Jeremy Richter will be interviewed TONIGHT 9:00PM EST on Ron Paul Tribune

ATTENTION: Doug Wead & Jeremy Richter will be interviewed TONIGHT (Saturday) at 9:00PM at EST on Ron Paul Tribune

Ron Paul Tribune has contacted Jeremy Richter, maker of "Elektable" and Doug Wead and both have agreed.
UPDATE: Josh Tolley and Tracy Diaz will conduct the interviews!
The direct link to the show is http://show.ronpaultribune.com
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You can also ask Doug Wead questions ahead of time by clicking below:

Here is the link to the questions that have already been submitted:


Check out the main live video voice chat room at: http://chat.ronpaultribune.com

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Both confirmed for tonight's show

Doug Wead and Jeremy Richter June 23, at 9 PM, TONIGHT! Be sure to check it out!

You can also invite friends from our event page on Facebook:


Just got an email From

Just got an email From Doug....


Front Page

Can we get an admin to put this on front?

I second that motion!

Roberts Rules!

Still unsure about Wead

But I will be there, I will record it for Youtube

Just saw the other part of

Just saw the other part of your post, awesome that you're going to record it. :)

more reason to join and

more reason to join and submit your questions. :)

Help spread the word



Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

Everyone should watch

this show. It should be an extremely informative, great time!

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot

I want CHEESE :)

I want CHEESE :)


Anyone hear anything new about Elektable? Seems like it's going to be pretty good.

Looking forward to this

and it will be great to hear more from him tonight.