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Ted Cruz vs David Dewhurst -Debate Tonight in Texas

Would you LIKE to watch a proven conservative fighter and a timid, career politician battle it out in today's Senate debate at 8 PM CT?

The debate will stream online here: http://bit.ly/PCarDQ. It will also be broadcast on other stations across Texas! Check your local listing here: http://bit.ly/LIzgiL It will also be on CSPAN 8:00 p.m. Central

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If what you say is true...

Then those answers could have definitely been worse. Im not too comfortable endorsing this Cruz guy, but Ill take what I can get at times and at least he admits "no nation building" "staying in Iraq too long" and things like this... Look, Im not a compromiser, but I do understand that the world is not black and white. We must take the best we can get sometimes (and no, this doesnt mean Ill vote for Romney over Obama because Romney will drive over cliff slower) BUT ITS ALL RELATIVE. So I wouldnt vote McCain or Romney over Obama, but I would vote for DeMint over Obama any day (yet, DeMint is no Rand or Ron Paul, if you know what I mean)... Id probably vote for Cruz if I lived in TX, but I wouldnt be excited as I would with say the likes of Kurt Bills or Massie, etc... The problem with the purity test is that we end up hurting our selves in the end. The puritans of our movement nearly caused Justin Amash to resign, for crying out loud! What are yall doing with your purity, if at the end of the day, all our liberty candidates were driven out of office, dried up their funding and now then replaced by neo cons and then we think "well, they were not 100% perfect libertarians like I am myself, so who needs them" as we watch our currency turn to nothing, our jobs all lost, we lose super power status, we enter police state etc.. See what I mean?

Ron Paul 2012

We must hold them accountable.

We are sending our candidates there to represent us- not play a slightly better game than the rest.

Conviction and integrity WILL win. Give it a chance.

Ted Cruz on Foreign Policy

(these are the best possible quotes, not 100%, but a good 98.999%)
Ted was asked his position on Iraq:

Well, i think it made sense to go in, and we stayed there too long.

My view on US Foreign Policy and on military intervention is very simple and it's the same as Ronald Reagan's. Which is that that we should use our military might only to protect the vital national security interests of the USA. Anytime we do we should use the Weinberger Doctrine: We should go in with overwhelming force, we should have a clearly stated objective, and then critically, when we're done with that, we should get the heck out of there.

I don't believe in nation building, I believe the job of the men and women in our military who bravely risk their lives to protect our freedoms is to hunt down and kill our enemies, not to build democratic utopias across the world. We don't have the money to do that, and it's not there job. And unfortunately, a lot of politicians in Washington, when we get somewhere, they want to stay rather than solving the national security threat and coming home."

Then a follow up, asking if he'd cut the defense budget to balance the budget:

I do not think that the defense budget should be used as a purpose to balance, I believe that the defense budget should be keyed on what I said (he kinda stumbled to get focused), the vital national security interests of the United States. And what does that mean.

We must stand unequivocally with the men and women of the armed forces. One of the things right now I'm most proud of is I'm representing 3 million veterans defending the mojave desert veterans memorial, which we went to the supreme court and won 5-4 on behalf of the veterans.

But I don't think, the defense budget is immune from pork. every budget cycle you see the pentagon of what the generals, admirals want for national security and members of congress add spending on top of that, and that spending added ought to be subject to higher scrutiny.


I walked out of the room in disgust

when he said "No foreign entanglements" and then proceeded to say "except our ally Israel."

Cruz talks like a lawyer. Sounds great until you read the very fine print.

Ted Cruz - debate impressions from an outsider...

... I do not live in Texas, and have not been following this race closely. I did tune in to Friday night's debate, however; based solely on the debate, here are my impressions of Ted Cruz:

1. Cruz was smoother and faster on his feet than Dewhurst, which one would expect from a courtroom attorney. However, I found his repeated references to "defending the Constitution" to be ironic, because he never analyzed any of the issues raised during the debate from a Constitutional perspective, when he certainly could have. For example...

2. Social Security - Cruz could have pointed out that Social Security is unconstitutional, and then transitioned into a plan to phase out the program over time. Instead, he spoke of needing to "save" Social Security by raising the retirement age, etc., leaving the impression that he wants to keep the program going in perpetuity. (There seemed to be no real difference between Cruz and Dewhurst on this issue; Cruz, in particular, sounded like Mitt Romney.)

3. Mideast wars - Again, Cruz could have affirmed that, as undeclared wars, Afghanistan and Iraq were per se unconstitutional. Not only did he decline to do that, he stated that he agreed with the decision to invade both Afghanistan and Iraq! Furthermore, while he opposed war with Syria as not being in our national interest, he seemed to conflate Israel's national interest with our own in saying that his position on Syria would change if the internal conflict were to spill over in a way that threatened Israel. While there was some distinction between Cruz and Dewhurst on these issues (Cruz indicated that we had stayed in Iraq for far too long, while Dewhurst faulted President Obama for pulling so completely out of Iraq), it seemed more a matter of degree, rather than of principle.

4. TSA - Cruz was negative toward TSA, but so was Dewhurst (and, probably, so are most Republicans at this point).

5. Endorsements - Cruz rattled off several "conservatives" who support him; the list of Texas endorsees did not include Ron Paul, while the list of national supporters (Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity(??), and Rick Santorum) did not include Rand Paul. The omissions struck me as deliberate rather than accidental, and I was particularly offended that he would include a talking head like Hannity over Rand Paul.

Conclusion: While Cruz repeatedly questioned the conservative credentials of Dewhurst (by launching allegations that Dewhurst always disputed), he never really distinguished himself substantively from Dewhurst on the issues. Instead, Cruz relied on a stylistic contrast: Dewhurst was too conciliatory and prone to work with Democrats, while Cruz would be reliably partisan and confrontational (Cruz didn't put it quite that way, but that was the import of his argument). To me, Cruz came across as a conventional, partisan "conservative" (think Allen West and Michele Bachmann) rather than as a principled, thoughtful Constitutionalist (like Ron Paul and Justin Amash). Going by the debate alone, I saw little reason to favor Cruz over Dewhurst, and even less reason for Liberty patriots to support Cruz with any enthusiasm.

I welcome the input of others who saw the debate, especially those from Texas who can place it within the larger context of the ongoing race. Thanks.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Texas anti-TSA bill

For the record Dewhurst killed this bill and then denied it.

Dewhurst is former CIA. Is

Dewhurst is former CIA. Is anyone ever really former CIA? He is for the TSA. He tried to keep it from being reintroduced, and then he tried to get Perry to go for it - not really, just pandering. They caused a delay that prevented the bill from being voted on.
If you noticed, Dewhurst tried to make it sound like he helped it pass, when actually he was party to stopping it.

Cruz's opinion that we should have gone into Iraq and Afghanistan is troubling, but so is Dewhurst's position.

Over all, I think Cruz won the debate and came off as the most sincere, the person most in line with the majority. He was good about answering the questions directly, and in detail. Mostly a real good job.

Dewhurst came off as a sleaze who tried to avoid answering the questions directly, and spoke as slow as he could to eat up time without answering the question. Typical slimeball pandering tool. Because he is.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Yep, you're spot on about Dewhurst.

I will hold my nose and vote for Cruz.

This is for United States Senate, right?

... And who is the Democrat nominee? Thanks.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand


The jury is still out between these two, despite the C4L's endorsement of Cruz. Many "Ron Paulers" in Texas are puzzled about why Cruz got the nod. Addison should have gotten the endorsement. Too late now.

Do your own research. Don't count on endorsements!

an addison endorsement

would not have prevented a runoff. Dewhurst would've got the majority in the primary. Addison didn't break 2% in any poll, nor did he get 2% in the vote. Ron Paul received double digits...but those votes didn't go to addison, they appear to have gone by and large to Cruz.


Depends on how much sway the Ron Paul endorsement had!

Was Ted Cruz really that well known before the campaign got behind him?
I don't honestly know, just wondering myself.

A run off against a current government official is pretty bad news for the official.

Ok, but given that it is now Cruz vs. Dewhurst...

... which one is better? Thanks.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Don't bother...

.... whoever gets to Washington will just toe the line and betray his empty "Constitutional commitments" to us. Don't waste any time or gas... ultimately your vote is for the GOP Politburo... they'll take the credit, strong-arm your candidate and you'll live with the regrets of having being duped once again...

Plano TX

Cruz. IMO.

At least he says the right stuff and isn't directly connected to Perry, right?

Thank you for the information!

I will be watching tonight from Florida.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

What's the story with Ted and the

council on foreign relations? He's called it a pit of vipers yet his wife was a member?

That said I know people refer to their wives as snakes with t*ts so maybe he has a point.

Also I've heard a lot of criticism of Paul for endorsing Cruz but not endorsing other more liberty minded candidates.

Not posted as criticism, I'd just like to find out more.

Also, what's the story on

Also, what's the story on Cruz not endorsing Dr. Paul after Dr. Paul endorsed him?

The story is...

endorsements aren't by necessity reciprocated. Cruz has pledged to support an Audit the Fed bill, he calls it "Dr Paul's Audit the Fed Bill", he stated "God Bless Ron Paul" in Austin. It would be hard for Cruz to support Ron Paul exclusively the same way Rand did... do you only appeal to the die hard Ron Paulers in Tex...which are 10-15% or all Texans by supporting the principles of fiscal, constitutional conservatism and liberty?

Republic of Tx TV on youtube was the one who famously made the vid of himself asking Cruz why he didn't endorse Ron Paul...but even he came around and endorsed Cruz after the primary election.


completely disagree with the 15% statement

Dr. Paul has far more than 15% of texans behind him... if i had to guess just by the people i know, it would be more like 85% in favor of the great Dr. Paul.



And was Paul's endorsement really coming from Ron Paul or the Campaign?

This race was the fiercest at the Texas convention. Hard to get through the halls without one campaign or the other trying to put a sticker on you. I thought of putting one on each side of my shirt and seeing which sticker stuck the longest, LOL.