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Saudi Arabia: America's Worst Ally?

Glenn Greenwald writes:

For all the righteous talk about human rights oppression and violent assaults on democratic protesters in the Muslim world, any honest ranking would place Saudi Arabia near or at the top of that list. This week, the long-time head of the deeply repressive Saudi Interior Ministry, Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, died. Prince Nayef — in addition to having been one of the hardest-line religious conservatives opposed to internal reforms, having been accused by Sen. Chuck Schumer in 2003 of having a “well-documented history of suborning terrorist financing,” and having blamed “Zionists” for plotting the 9/11 attack — was one of America’s closest and most loyal allies in the region.

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Greenwald is brilliant as

Greenwald is brilliant as always but I would add that Saudi Arabia is not an ally but a puppet state ruled by Washington.

the Saudi King was right about 9/11

I loathe the rulers of Saudi Arabia, but in truth, Israel's Mossad was likely one of the actors behind 9/11. It is a fact that police arrested at least two groups of Israelis that day. One had a truck packed with explosives. Israelis were also caught trying to blow up Mexican legislature. See Ryan Dawson's 9/11 the Deception and/or War By Deception. Or visit whatreallyhappened.com

Who cares what they do? they

Who cares what they do? they do what they want and we do what we want

Saudia Arabia

They should have to repay at least half of what they received from American taxpayers imo.

This bloody country has nothing in common with the civilized world from what I have learned about it.


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If you're keeping tabs,

you have to figure in the petro-dollar and all the privilidges associated with reserve status. It's not like America hasn't recieved benefit from the arrangement.

Undo what Wilson did

"Learned' Nonsense.

we can wonder where you learned about Arabia, from whom ? There is no report on record what you say above in the 1st para. - I feel you are only guessing, because you made a false statement. American tax-payers have given ZERO amount to Arabia, - actually americans have received cheap oil for decades (thru coercion), and the money from sales is lent back to the U$ govt/ bonds, deposited in U$ banks, or invested in loss-making corps in america, etc.
The zionist 'israel' receives the most from american tax-payers, try and get a refund from them, = they dictate U$ govt policy, whether it$ money, foreign affairs, wars on others, now the latest command is "go, attack iran".

2nd para, re bloody country, - you are blind & full of hatred. Look around, there is war & killings in many parts & near about, mostly involving american forces or drones. Arabia is the most peaceful country, blessed with resources, ruled by princes controlled by U$ forces, = benefiting american govt., corps., & ordinary citizens.

re "civilized", is a country where there is least crime, the princes (U$ stooges) oppress their own only for political & security reasons, otherwise it provides a lot of free services to the citizens, as in a welfare state, many arabian students come to US colleges & universities paid by govt, many american professors teach over there, to top it all - there are US bases with military personnel stationed over there.

the day Arabia becomes really 'Civilized" = the U$ banks & currency will collapse, leading to break-up of the Union.

Without a doubt Israel is our

Without a doubt Israel is our worst ally (in disguise) - because they are actually an enemy, usurper, and our politicians of both parties are totally in their pocket because of the power, influence and money of the Zionist media and organized jewish groups in the U.S. that are pro-Israel. While I am not a fan of Saudi Arabia, and I believe we do have a corrupt alliance with them based on oil, at least we get something tangible that is actually of use to our nation. After countless billions of dollars, we have nothing to show for with our "special relationship" of our most "precious ally" other than debt, wars, espionage and spying, the sale of highly sensitive military technology to China, and a physical attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. the Lavon affair, Jonathan J. Pollard, the list goes on and on. they are nothing but a den of vipers and the cause for much of the instability and conflict in that region. We need to just trade, buy oil, mind our own business and leave the Jews and Arabs to fight it out, because there will never be peace until one annihilates the other. Demographically it looks like the Muslims have the advantage, but the Jews have the U.S. behind them and the money, infrastructure to survive on their own.

there is no left or right, only system and anti-system.

Israel and Saudi Arabia are

Israel and Saudi Arabia are basically just British puppet states, so neither is TECHNICALLY true. You're only hacking at the branches, but missing the tree. Hack a branch here, and hack a branch there, but the tree will just grow new ones. It isn't the Jews, nor is it any other religion or ethnic group.

You are right that it isn't

You are right that it isn't "the Jews," but it is the Zionists, including the Christian ones who are making such a mess of things. Israel does not equal Judaism.

thats hogwash. the Jews used

thats hogwash. the Jews used the British Empire to advance their own zionist goals, from the moment the manipulated the Balfour declaration in return for having promised to use their influence to get the U.S. involved in WWI prior to that. they are using the U.S. in the same deadly game, to advance their vision of an ethnically "pure" state hell bent on domination and regional hegemony to secure "greater Israel."

there is no left or right, only system and anti-system.



It's counterfeiters that enslave the world

But it is true a highly disproportionate number of them are Jewish.

I'm thinking there must be something within the Jewish religion that is either easily perverted or misunderstood by some Jews that leads them to believe that theft and deception are OK, at least against "gentiles."


Have you ever read the old testament?

Lets just say there is no golden rule.

Right, worst ally has got to be one that openly kills Americans

It should be obvious. Should a country that kills us and spies on us even be an ally?

And don't omit 9/11; hundreds of the enemy arrested and set free!


Isolationaism would be good for USA

would be a good thing for this country, since we have everything we need to survive and take care of our people, we don't have to trade with other nations if we don't want to but we can scap all alliances because nobody will attack us.

USA can be a country on its own taking care of its own people. We can keep and force American jobs to stay in our country if they want business here.

Nationalist Isolationism would be good i think.

No, it wouldn't be

Trade, talk, and travel are good; non-intervention.

Don't you listen to Dr. Paul? With your history of posts here, I don't think so.

I do listen

but i don't agree with him on everything i am not a cult follower as some folks are of this man. I like his platform and he would be great for president but i am also willing to vote for someone else who is close enough to what i believe in.

Which isolationist do you support?


anyone who had a nationalist constitutionalist approach. like who would require American business to be done in our country and follow the constitution, we got to do something to stop all our jobs from going to china and india, we can try deregulation but what if that doesn't work? than this is our next option. the point is to keep American jobs in America its an option, because it seems Americans are getting hurt more than helped by the free trade right now. Also USA doesn't need the rest of the world its been more of pain on our country than a help. USA has everything we need to survive on our own we don't really need the rest of the world.

Do you have a name?

Or only an agenda?


America First and American only

Is this person an R or a D or

Is this person an R or a D or an I?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Correct. Global trade IS the

Correct. Global trade IS the solution to finding world peace. Not State sanctioned cronyism, as with trade agreements and the like, but pure unfettered free market global capitalism that allows people to make their own choices and vote with their dollars as well as their feet to seek better conditions for themselves and their families. This provides incentive to improve the overall lot of mankind and business and governments alike have to compete.

Isolationism, however, is NOT the answer. With travel controls and capital controls, States would have the opposite incentive. Anti-market actions would have no consequences as people would be literal prisoners of the system, unable to leave, or to seek greener pastures.

Countries like North Korea are the perfect example of Isolationism, and it works very badly internally and amongst the globe. Diplomacy, trade and goodwill are what the word needs more of. That isn't the same kind of "globalization" that the UN plutocrats are trying to ram down our throats.

America's worst "ally" is

Israel; Saudi Arabia is definitely second though...

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

there is no first or second.

no need to pick sides and call one the lesser evil. china is another nation that has no not been good as well as others.


1st Right, but 2nd Wrong.

Surely your 1st statement is right, the zionist state pretends, - has adopted the honored name "Israel", which it does-Not deserve.
It pretends to be an ally, but actually its a predator, only exploits the strength of america, a parasite that preys upon american resources, manpower & influence worldwide. Many on DP already know it, and forward web-links that explain in detail.

Arabia is your most enriching ally, without its constant supply of oil in U$ dollars the american banking system would dry up. I do not mean just the physical oil supply to america but sales to other countries against U$-dollars, - this allows/ aid$ it to be an international reserve currency, in lieu of gold & $ilver. Arabia is also the most influential member of the oil-exporters assoc OPEC, keeps other members in line, e.g. Kuwait, Qatar, Abu-Dhabi, etc.
So America receives more benefits from Arabia than from Canada or Britain.

Most important, Arabia is the home of Maccah, centre of attention of 1.3 billion people worldwide who are called Muslim. Word from this source carries a lot of weight. The Saudi 'princes' installed by the british, befriended & protected by U$ are very soft towards americans. US & UK passports are respected at all arabian airports.

What is written above is govt to govt relations, people to people relations are another matter. Americans are lib & mod, the Arabians are conservative & traditional.
Read the history of the house of Saud.

1st is right and you are wrong on 2nd one.

saudia arabia is indeed an enemy all the way as israelas some other nations are as well.

saudia arabia, as you know, finances most of the islamist activities around the world, including books of hate in the US against christianity, etc... arabia jacks up oil prices that cause economic havoc to americans, and for that you call them an 'enrichening ally". and they use those profits to finance hatred and terrorism, especially towards good christians.


govt to govt relations very friendly.

pls re-read last para of my post, it will become clearer. I wrote americans are lib, as is your name, so will admit that. the arabians are mostly traditional. as regards literature, you canNot blame the govt or nation for what some groups do, = many american christian groups publish hate literature against islam, there were book burning events, etc. Islam and Christianity are the only two competitors on the world stage, the other religions are Not doing missionary work. Muslims do Not publish hate literature, only offer corrections. Muslims have one book QurAan, there are many Gospels, some are not included in the Bible.
There are many good Christians living in the middle-east since ancient times, before and after Mohummad's mission, and have lived peacefully side by side with Muslims. Its the western churches that seek hegemony & strife, encouraged crusades, colonization, etc.


"Sleeping with the Devil: How Washington sold our souls for Saudi crude" by Robert Baer, former CIA case officer and mid-east expert. The movie, "Syriana" was based on his first memoir, "See no Evil".

We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. - Stefan Molyneux

You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing. - Alan Watts