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You should totally go to Paulfest but I'm not sure you understand why.

And this is bitter sweet news.

New Movement. That is what I have called you for the last decade. To my long standing friends and ideological counterparts and even to us, I have called you the "New Movement" because you are not like the last one.

And that was my promise to everybody I know: you are gonna see something new from this New Movement, it's not like the last one, it's gonna be unlike anything you have ever seen and the results of this are gonna CHANGE EVERYTHING.

Because we had eyes on you.

Truth be told (and I'm still sworn to secrecy on certain matters but what I can tell you is) Ron Paul wasn't our first choice. But prevailing circumstances at the time (read death of Aaron Russo) left us with little of it and a big decision to make: where shall we put baby?

We chose Ron Paul.

We had a little baby and her name was freedom but again, prevailing circumstances. We could not at that time take care of you as well as we wanted so we put you in a cradle with somebody we became convinced could be trusted.

Our choice is vindicated. Now you are big and strong. You are grown up now. You are at the top of your class. And you are ready to face the world.

We go to Tampa to honor you. This is your graduation party. Your Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Your senior prom night. This is your REPUBLICAN PARTY and it's a celebration of all you have accomplished.

And it's the final summer of our 3VOL. Do you realise that this might be the last time we are so gathered? And after this the Doc retires from politics? Sure he's gonna still be there, he will always be there in our hearts but this is kinda our last bash as the One Great Family.

Some of you are gonna go off and be voluntarists and agorists or any one of a slew of ists. It has long been said by wiser men than I that the difference between a libertarian and an anarchist is two election cycles.

So Paulfestival is it, our night out. Well 3 nights out actually. Followed by 3 more days of Gods-knows what hellery. This is our celebration of these past 8 years of tireless hard work and in honour of the man that brought us here. Ron Paul. And it's intended to recognise us and show our appreciation to one another and truly BE TOGETHER. DO YOU REALISE THIS IS THE FIRST TIME WE HAVE BOTH WORKED AND ACTUALLY LIVED TOGETHER AS ONE PEOPLE IN PHYSICAL REALITY AS WE HAVE BEEN BY THOUGH, WORD AND DEED BEFORE THIS?

This is us. We know us by reputation, by action, by intent and by dedication that never tires.

So come to your REPUBLICAN PARTY. OUR REPUBLICAN PARTY. AND WE WILL PARTY. We will be as one like we have never been and this will set an example for our youth and children going forward.

"And the roots of this tree will grow out to all the 4-Directions so that all people desirous of peace will be able to find one of it's roots and trace it back to it's source and the leaves of this tree will be to the healing of all nations."