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A Short Communications Lesson

I was chatting with some coworkers today while in unusually high spirits. We were just doing the small talk thing, cracking jokes and in general getting along well with everyone. My jokes were flowing well and everyone was laughing. It was then that something unexpected happened. I mentioned that I had been doing some work with the LP and how I had just finished reading The Revolution. These usually apolitical types became very interested in the political discourse I had to offer to them. They were suddenly all ears like I'd never seen over the past 2 years I've worked here. I generally keep my politics to myself in a work environment, but for once I had a chance to shine. I brought up the issues that Obamney never brings up(our debt crisis, horrible foreign policy, regulating the internet, etc, etc) and they ate it up. They asked who I would be voting for and it was at that point it really dawned on me. Those folks aren't simply sheeple. They're people just like you and me, who are aware the issues exist but feel trapped by the two choices that are seemingly their only options. They've been beaten down by the establishment for so long, its hard to get them to feel optimistic about the future of our governement. However, since they liked me, they were willing to give political discourse another shot, and for once, they weren't let down. Somebody is actually offering them liberty on a platter; McDonalds hamburger, Burger King hamburger, or 3 course steak dinner with all the trimmings? The choice wasn't hard. I told them to check out the GJ website, and offered them The Revolution if they ever wanted some interesting literature. I also informed them of the transformation taking place in the GOP, which they hoped would pan out. More importantly though, I stoked the fire of liberty within those people, one that will not be extinguished so easily. I feel proud to be able spread the ideas of liberty in a way that others will listen. So I guess, moral of the story, if you want people to listen to your ideas about liberty, you must get the people to like YOU, THE INDIVIDUAL, first. Otherwise your just preaching to dead air. These people who we always assume are sheep are just waiting to transform themselves. If you are an interesting, engaging person, you've won half the battle. The other half, the message, will win the second half of that battle every time.