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What Would Happen if Delegates Who are Bound Just Vote Ron Paul?

What if Delegates Defy Bound Orders and Vote Ron Paul?

If delegates to the National Convention were to just vote their conscience what is the worst that could happen? Would they be shot? Now there would be a revolution. Would they be sued? Would they be fined? What would happen if they didn’t pay? Would they be found in contempt for perjury and have to pay a fine or spend time in jail? Could they plead they were under duress when they signed affidavits saying they would fall in line and vote as directed. Isn’t voting as one chooses a hallmark of liberty?

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Only one thing can happen...

We all can attend the Inaugural Ball with President Paul!

It really depends on how the

It really depends on how the RNC chooses to count the votes. I have read and been told that even if you vote for Ron Paul, if your bound and the RNC recognizes that binding, your vote would be counted for the candidate that you are bound to, not your preference. This is the only recourse they have at the national convention to enforce state binding laws/rules. At the last convention, one Nebraska delegate was a Ron Paul supporter and another was bound to McCain. However, the way they counted votes, they only took the vote for McCain and did not ask for the vote for any other candidate. They did not count the former McCain now Paul supporter for McCain. In fact they recorded the other 2 of the 33 votes as non-votes. They may do this again, or they could like I mentioned before count the bound votes for the bound candidate. The delegates need to unbind themselves. If they don't unbind themselves it is essentially as if in those bound states votes personally don't count. They instead,for those states take the official bound numbers for each candidate and use it as the official number. Again...it is important to unbind. In 2008 we did not have a chance at winning. The purpose was to limit Ron Paul's exposure and try and show all of the votes going for McCain, which they did by only taking a McCain vote. It will more than likely be different this time because Paul will be in nomination during first round voting, while he was not in 2008. Whatever the worst case scenario is, is what we should expect. Delegates have to take control of the convention and unbind themselves.


...you twisted the story a little...

The reason that person's vote didn't get counted for Ron Paul is because he didn't follow through at the end...he backed down.

Binding has no effect at the national convention. The effect is what happens to the delegate when they return back to their state...

Same thing happens to electoral college electors if they break - they get harassed at their state if they have no support.


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The class action suit filed

The class action suit filed in Federal District Court asks for an injunction to guarantee that all delegates be unbound. Freedom to vote one's conscience would be enforced by law and violators would be prosecuted.


Local and state parties are

Local and state parties are being taken over by Ron Paul supporters. The only reason Ron Paul is not the recognized nominee is because of vote flipping, missing ballots, ballot stuffing, manipulated totals, coercion, intimidation, and violence. The proof is abundant, and we all know it. Romney himself is on video buying votes. Charges were brought, but outcome not known to me at this time. It's a disqualifier. All of the above disqualifies Romney, and should have him facing criminal charges.

The real majority of the popular vote went to Ron Paul.
The real overwhelming majority of delegates, bound and unbound, belong to Ron Paul. Proof abounds everywhere, in every state. Documented, eye witnessed, video'd, algorithmically proven, traced to the source, election fraud - by Patriot Act Definitions & Constitutional Definitions, domestic terrorism and subversion.
Let's not mince words here. This is a criminal syndicate that has taken over our government, banking, our military, and that has rigged and stolen the vote in every state through their own subsidiary vote tabulation companies while using the media they own to hide it from the public.

An aware delegate body has a responsibility and obligation to recognize these facts, and nominate Ron Paul on the first ballot by an overwhelming indisputable majority.
I see this as We The People have this one chance to make it our votes that peacefully take the country back from this evil cabal. We don't have 4 more years to wait. They will be too deeply entrenched to peacefully remove them.

So, if you are a Ron Paul delegate, realize that the real legitimate majority voted for Ron Paul. The power at local and state levels is now Ron Paul. Power in some national postitions is now Ron Paul.
If you do not cast your delegate vote for Ron Paul, and your name shows up on any ballot I see, I will not vote for you because you did not stand on principles based on truth and strong moral values. If you don't vote Ron Paul first ballot, then you risk the very future of the country for your personal gain.
I can not vote for someone with so little backbone who would cave for personal gain over the fate of the entire nation.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

You nailed this one my friend.

This Federal Election is bound by federal laws that overrule the state and party laws and rules. The RNC/Gop know this, that is why they are desperately trying to convince the delegates that they will be penalized if they don't vote for rombama. But you know what, their threats are dead because as the Federal Law states, it is unlawful to coerce, threaten, or manipulate the delegates to vote for someone they don't want. It is election fraud to manipulate the votes to change the outcome of the election.
The RNC/GOP, and the rombama campaign are in violation of the Federal Election Laws.
The Delegates in this Federal Election to elect the President of the United States are UNBOUND by Federal Law.

Ron Paul would become the GOP Nominee


His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

The first ballot vote IS

The first ballot vote IS CRUCIAL...and some of us MAY have to sacrifice our political futures, but then again...if Ron Paul wins the nomination, I do not think any of the delegates will have to worry about getting ousted from the party.

If enough delegates vote for Ron Paul on the first ballot, we win. Ron will pardon you if necessary... :-)

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

As I've stated a half dozen times...

in other threads.

Binding rules are creatures of the states - not the RNC or the national covention.

Bound delegates have three choices in first round:

1. Abstain. You can't make someone vote. You can have requirements for what can be voted on if a vote is cast - but if they abstain - it is simply a "non-vote".

2. Vote and vote for the bound candidate.

3. Vote and vote for someone other than the bound candidate.

People at the convention won't be happy - and give you heat for it - but there's not much they can do.

However when the delegate returns to their state and district - they had better have a good base of support.

If not, they will get bounced as a delegate, bounced from any committees they are on, and bounced from and chairs they may hold.

Basically what the binding status says is, "We the party of this state expect you to vote for the bound candidate, and if you don't, don't come home and expect a warm welcome."

The whole lawsuit thing going on right now is an utter waste of time and money. The bound delegates are already free to vote as they see fit in the national convention - it's just that when they get home is when the consequences kick in if they violate the state party binding status.


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Read the Federal Election Laws

if you haven't, if you have, then re read them.

You of course are assuming...

that voting ones conscience at the convention would yield nothing and that a presidential candidate Ron Paul would not remedy said "consequences", right?

All I'm saying is any proposed worst-case unfavorable outcome should be weighed against the best-case favorable outcome.

Personally, I say NOW IS NO BETTER TIME to vote your conscience! One reason... there is no evidence to suggest the RNC intends to back-off Paul delegates moving forward, for having "played nice" at the national convention. Might as well seize this opportunity while we still have it.

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Precisely why America' founders despised partys

Can't think of a better reason to eliminate them all together. Anyone pissed off at a delegate who being aware of the fraud and deception associated with these past Repub primaries and caucuses perpetrated on behalf of / by the RNC HAS THE LAWFUL RIGHT TO VOTE THEIR CONSCIENCE.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow


if (assumed to be for sake of argument) successful prevents repercussions when they go home

that is one of the points raised in the suit


Party politics...

...are politics.

Either you have the support of the party and you don't get voted out, or you don't have the support of party and get voted out.

Judges will recognize the delegates right to abstain, vote and vote for and vote and vote someone else.

However, judges will consider the idea that political actions should be free of political consequences ludicrous. Politics is exactly that, politics.


Conservative AND Libertarian!!!

what do you think all the drones

are for?