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Rand Paul was wrong to vote NO on GMO labeling.

So, our body is the most valuable property we own. When we consume toxic "food" we are vulnerable to what the food does to our body. If it is tainted or altered it can destroy our body/property. Similar to pollution. We have a right to know what companies are putting into our environment. This effects our property. We don't live in individual bubbles. How can Rand Paul vote NO on GMO labeling? How are we supposed to protect our body/property without any information about the products we are consuming? Has Rand gone full neo-con? Sure this vote helps the corporations that use cheap GMO crops to make their products. It also leaves our population with a dangerous lack of information. Thanks AGAIN Rand.

*Once farmers, communities and states become dependent on GMO seeds and products for revenue, do you really expect the local and state government to jeopardize their economy? You don't think GMO activists have tried for YEARS to educate and work with their local governments. This type of entrapment is part of Monsanto's business model. That's why their seeds are being burned around the world by farmers that know better. If local governments lack the courage to do what's right and protect the safety of the consumer, how can you blame Americans for going to the Feds? Why isn't your anger directed at the failures of the state government?

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Rand is supporting corporations. Period.

Well then good for the tofu companies who use non-GMO labeling.

Playing dice with the law = awesome.


are the devil imo.

people go on and on about global warming and other bs but gmo is the biggest threat to nature.

Also what about plants with animal genes being sold to vegetarians? Surely at a very vbasic level people should be told what's going on.

The whole idea with gmo is copyright. Imagine copyright on seeds...you don't have to it's here. c**ts

We need to ban GMO here, just

We need to ban GMO here, just as was done in some other countries.