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Lobby the Pollsters To Include Paul

Would Ron Paul win when pitted against Obama nationally? We don't know because there are no such polls being conducted. We do know that Romney is losing to Obama in all the major polls; Bloomberg, 53 - 40%. We need to lobby the pollsters to include Paul in the National Polls.
The polls, after the next two months of clever and creative campaigning, should show that Paul can defeat Obama in November, and according to those same polls, Romney would surly lose.
Tampa wants a winner! and Ron always wins!

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i bet they'd do the poll

if someone paid them to. i know there is a pollster out there that would poll the crap out of it if they were paid to do so. money talks.

pollsters have blacklisted Ron Paul

in January, with a few exceptions. So how does one lobby them now? I am for it.

Ron Paul ... forever.