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So should paulfest not invite Chuck Baldwin to speak as well?

It is really sad that some have decided to play conquer and divide. If anyone remebers Gary Johnson was invited to speak at the rally for the republic.

Chuck Baldwin was invited to speak at revolution march even though Chuck was also running for President at the same time, to which Ron Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin when he didn't win the nomination.

It is really sad that some are so short sighted about growing the liberty movement.


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Invite Ralph Nader

I'd love to hear what he thinks of all this.

Yes it is Sad

There's always blow-back to any decision

The timing could not have been worse

Like I said before in all the

Like I said before in all the negative Johnson threads, I like Gary. I don't judge anyone who votes for him or writes in Ron Paul. Ron Paul is "the man" and Gary, in my opinion, is a liberty candidate. He's not our enemy and should be welcomed to join any Paul fest along with anybody else who wishes to come regardless of party affiliation. We'll never get anywhere unless we do the opposite of the establishment and welcome people to join us.

I think they should try to have at least one person

named Paul in attendance and not just someone in the audience.


Has spoken on RPs behalf ie. Iowa

He should be invited imo.


of course

of course Chuck should be invited.

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I agree.

I agree.

Let the market decide.

You can invite any speakers you want.
People can decide if they want to attend.

You ain't gonna "guilt-trip" anybody into buying a $50 ticket, or whatever. So I'd recommend having a list of speakers there that people want to come see.

I don't care if people buy a

I don't care if people buy a ticket or not, I have no skin in this game. What's your point?

What's YOUR point?

I answered the simple question.
Is there some other reason for your post?
If people don't want to come see Johnson, they don't want to come see Johnson.
I don't see that as any problem, unless somebody's pushing Johnson.

Who is pushing Johnson? I am

Who is pushing Johnson? I am not voting for Johnson, I am voting for Ron Paul. I don't agree with the collective and isolating people.

Okay, apparently I have completely missed

the point of your thread.
What IS the point of this thread?

The point is simple, lets

The point is simple, lets open up the door and invite people in we disagree with and educate them instead of criticizing paulfest for inviting Gary Johnson to speak.