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Tracy Diaz & Josh Tolley will be interviewing Doug Wead and Jeremy Richter June 23

Tomorrow night, Saturday June 23, at 9 PM EST on Ron Paul Tribune at this link: http://www.ronpaultribune.com/index.php/live-shows/rpt-tv

We will have Tracy Diaz of www.LibertyChat.com and Josh Tolley of The Josh Tolley Show interviewing Doug Wead and Jeremy Richter, about his short film "Elektable" which will premier in less than a week on June 28th. This will be an amazing interview and you can find a direct link here:


In order to get the most individuals and in order to spread the message we ask that you please help us with this and help to spread the word.

Here is the link with all the information:


Thank you for your support, Ron Paul 2012!

We have tried other methods of contact, however we have not received a answer.


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I went a little over board last night and I apologize for that.

Having said that ...

I would like to explain ...

1. Jessie Benton.
2. Rand Paul.
3. Some, most, or all of the campaign staff.

You guys literally shit on them.

I got no problem with criticism, but you are frothing the idiots into near violence. Rand even said that he is getting threats.

So ...

If you knock it off ...

I will knock it off ...


Just got an email From

Just got an email From Doug....


You guys are desperate.

How many times are you going to tease Wead and then come up with a no show?

The sick thing is that the idiots will let you cry wolf over and over regardless of the outcome.

Steve Parent used to pull this trick in the waining moments of the 2008 campaign.

And to this day the idiots still think he was promised something and someone broke their promise to him.


God Bless.

get back to your

hippopotamus. We're all waiting with baited breath for your findings

What harsh words..

Sometimes even Ron Paul does not show up to events that he was planning on doing when he gets a prime time interview. I have talked to Doug Wead personally and we are also having Jeremy Richter on as well. It helps nobody to be cruel and really it is sad to say the least. I wish you the best anyway, Ron Paul 2012!

Are you telling me ....

Right here and right now ...

That Doug Wead made a commitment to be on your show?

Because if you say yes, you are a liar.

And if you say no then you are a liar.

If Michael Nystrom wants confirmation I can provide

the emails as well as let him join in on the conference call tomorrow. Calling anyone a liar is not productive, I personally had a 10 minute conversation with Doug Wead and I have two contact numbers as well as his skype and email. This is something we are trying to do in order to help spread the message, not to be attacked. However, be it as it may be sometimes this is still expected but it is okay because this is something that we do because we love it and we believe in what we are doing.

Yes or No.

Did he commit?

Doug Wead and Jeremy Richter both committed

to doing the interviews as well as Tracy Diaz and Josh Tolley for tomorrow, Saturday June 23, 2012 at 9 PM EST.

I will believe it when I see it.

I wish you well.

I will believe it when

you are blaming the wrong people and that just taint right. Show some respect for the hard working people.

You are out of your league.

Just have your wallet ready. (Packed, stacked, and open)

Carry on.

Who is Steve Parent? I've

Who is Steve Parent? I've heard his name tossed around a number of times, almost always in a negative way.


A well meaning know it all.

know it all.

For all I know ...

He could be ...

The Lawyers For Ron Paul.

This pony show has played out here once before back in 2008.

Desperate people are willing to believe desperate things.

There must be money in it.

Or somebody has a very sick sense of humor.

If Doug Wead Doesn't show Up

If Doug Wead Doesn't show Up this time, I for one, will be very disappointed, But I can confirm we have his phone numbers cell and home, Skype, and home address... I also have his campaign email address and his personal email address...

On a side note, Steve Parent is not affiliated with us, but he is also very good friends with Bryan Siemon, who is the main organizer of Paul Fest. Steve hangs out in one of the chat room's we have, and we encourage everyone to go there.

As far as making Money, I am a strong Believer that no one should be making money off the movement. Not one of the staff or me make money off of it. We do have advertising on there, but 100% of the money goes right back into advertising the site.
We are also doing Raffles or Drawings for 3 day Passes to Paul Fest to help people out, with a chance to win tickets at a cheaper price.
(every penny goes directly into buying the tickets)

We do this for free..

only my pride is on the line, and that is because the last time Doug did do another show instead but this time he has said that he will do our show and I told him about Jeremy Richter and his short film "Elektable". Not everyone has to do something and get something physical in return, there are still people who pay money out of pocket to try to help and ask for nothing in return.

I believe

in you!!!!

I am not buying what you are selling.

I do wish you well.

God Bless.

you sir are

an asshole!

What are they selling?

I am always looking for a bargain. I know yesterday someone got a 3 day pass to Paulfest from them for a $25 donation...Seems like a great deal to me.

The 3 day PaulFest Passes are

The 3 day PaulFest Passes are upgradeable as well!
You can upgrade them to VIP by paying the difference.