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Brian Doherty on Carrying The Ron Paul Banner

Brian Doherty on Carrying The Ron Paul Banner

Ron Paul’s latest video epistle to his apostles is a delightful example of Paul’s curious, strangely winning political appeal. The congressman, still officially running for president against an opponent Paul already admits has won (but still refuses to endorse, with a “no way” to Wolf Blitzer when asked this week), is clearly speaking extemporaneously as he humbly thanks his delegates.

Paul grants he could be criticized for not winning many states, but stresses his people can still win the war of ideas. He talked about how he’s planning his own gathering the day before the GOP convention begins, and asks his fans to attend.

Paul concludes the freedom movement’s successes have been “magnificent” this time around. There’s a rising new generation excited by his libertarian views, along with the “awakening of the Remnant, the older generation working for a long time” who have arisen in numbers larger than he dreamed.


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I found this truly funny,

I found this truly funny, "...unless they can master Ron Paul's strange gift for winning while doing nothing to appease his own party."